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Manchester Mistress, The Countessa

Interview with Manchester Mistress the Countessa As I child The Countessa always felt there was something different about me compared with others of my age. I was, of course, too young to recognise what it was, but as I grew up, I only ever felt comfortable when I was feeling assertive. This manifested itself as a sort […]

Wrestling London Mistress Hera of London – Exclusive interview!

Wresteling Mistress Hera of London – Exclusive interview! I have always been attracted to bondage. Ever since I knew myself, I had a dominant personality. I was physically faster and stronger then all the boys around me. Always determined to be the best in any form of competition. In time, I learned how to use […]

Sheffield Mistress Gia, Dominatrix. Exclusive interview

Mistress Gia, Sheffield BDSM dominatrix. Exclusive interview with a South Yorkshire BDSM mistress. I first got interested in BDSM because I’m a control freak. I love feeling power over men. It turns me on. I think it comes from my childhood. My dad was a big, tough man who threw his weight around. At the […]