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Madame Python new website and pictures

madame python

I’ve been thinking about getting a new website for quite awhile now. With the help of John from Mistress Elite. We made a plan to visit a BDSM dungeon in Angel to do a cool new photo shoot with my slaves along with a couple of videos.  I thought it’s about time I let my submissive’s see and now a little more about me.

The Photoshoot

I absolutely adore visiting new places. I arrived in the afternoon in Angel to meet up with John from Mistress Elite and my slave. The Blue Door Dungeon in Angel is wonderfully clean and has an array of wonderful BDSM and fetish toys for me to play with.

I really do love having my photo taken. Even though it was a Photoshoot and not a full session I still gave it my all. I decided to put my hair in a high ponytail and wear some new outfits which I’ve been longing to show off.  My make-up was a bit of trial and error. However, on the day it turned out beautiful.

Why Madame Python?

I thought long and hard about my Mistress name. Many ladies in the industry have different iterations of their choosen name as they gain more knowledge about BDSM. I had a recent name change from Mistress Lory to Madame Python. My new name commands respect as all mistresses names do. However, my new name represents a totally new iteration of my BDSM look and style. Strong, beautiful, seductive and sensual.

My new website reflects my personality

I believe it is incredibly important to have a accurate online representation of one’s Mistress persona. I decided to go with a bold and beautiful design for my website. Populated with choice photos which I particularly like. My images represent me accurately in my BDSM sessions. I am a naturally dominant and demanding female. I expect my submissive’s to adore and worship me.  Any submissive’s  found misbehaving will be severely punished. This is where I come in to my own. I am a true sadist and love to be in complete control of my slaves.  Inflicting Corporal punishment and a good caning truly turns me on.

Booking a session with me

I am a very busy Mistress I need plenty of time to arrange a session with a new submissive. On my website under the bookings section there is a form for all new submissive’s to fill out. Not everybody is successful as I am very particular. If you are considering filling out the booking form. By all means feel free. However, if you are lucky enough to receive a confirmation email back. Be aware, you will never want me out of your life!

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