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Mistress Interviews

The Matron - Medical retreat - Cornwall    I am known as the Matron. To me BDSM means giving an Read more
Mistress Dahlia of Manchester Interview I am Mistress Dahlia of Manchester. I enjoy BDSM because it means being true to Read more
Mistress Hera, combating BDSM Ever since I became self-aware, I have enjoyed combat games. I always had an issue when Read more
Mistress Cara works hard to cater for BDSM clients Mistress Cara. I regard myself as South Yorkshire’s premier mistress because Read more
Exclusive interview with Miss Foxx, London Ebony Mistress Who is Goddess Miss Foxx really? I am Miss Foxx - very Read more
Priestess Ava - American Mistress I embrace BDSM as means of self-expression and a kind of play therapy for adults. Read more
Mistress Regina. The exclusive interview   I am Mistress Regina. I would describe myself as an independent person who loves Read more
Exclusive interview with London dominatrix of 33 years Mistress, Kim Rub We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview Read more
Exclusive interview with Mistress Carly of Kent Kent Mistress Carly is a beautiful pro-domme based in the countryside close to Read more
Exclusive interview with Rotherham Mistress Raven As Rotherham Mistress Raven, I would describe myself as a dichotomy between gentle and Read more