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Madame Python

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Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python
Madame Python

About me:

31 year old Female from Putney, London, United Kingdom

Madame Python London Mistress

Madame Python has a wealth of BDSM industry experience.
She now has the special capacity to comprehend the thoughts of a submissive as a result.
She has no trouble identifying the fetishes of her subordinates and discovering what makes them tick.
This mistress's main objective is to push boundaries.

This mistress takes great pleasure in discovering each of her servants' most intense fetish desires.
Anything less is viewed as a failure on the side of Madame Python.

She takes great delight in having a comprehensive understanding of each and every one of her subordinates.
She undoubtedly have a talent for grasping the intricacies of the mistress-slave relationship.
She is therefore aware of what is required to make the session a huge success.

A London Mistress inconsistency

This mistress is a nasty, strict, and ruthless natural dominatrix.
But do not be fooled.
She genuinely cares about others.
The best and most effective dominatrix is produced by the mistress's personality's opposing dynamics.

Don't be deceived
This mistress is not one to be trifled with.
When she orders you not to speak or make noise, she will not put up with it.
She will discipline you if you argue, quarrel, or engage in backchat.
When you are specifically told not to, do not even consider staring at this lovely dominatrix.Be wary if you attempt to negotiate a lighter sentence than the one the mistress has set for you!

First encounter with the Mistress

When you first meet this mistress, you'll be taken aback by how sweet and considerate she is.
She will give you 15 minutes to unwind and acclimate to your surroundings.
This gorgeous mistress is happy to welcome you as her sub once you're both at ease, but more importantly.

She will next request that you set the memorials next to the shackles on the table.
You'll be required to remove all of your clothing.
Then you will neatly fold them and give them to the mistress.
You will be told to turn around and put your hands behind your bike after that.

Then she will pull out her handcuffs and put them on you.
You will then be directed upstairs to the play area or into the dungeon after all of this is finished.
You will initially be positioned in the room's corner, facing a wall.
Madame Python will take a little period of time to get the tools ready for use during your session.

This could seem frightening and severe, but I can assure you that it's all a result of the increased sexual desire you'll experience at the beginning and throughout the BDSM encounter.

There is a clear purpose to all of this.

You need to understand who is in power while you're around me as a slave.
Madame Python!

Contact info:

City / Town:Putney
Country:United Kingdom
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Ball busting
Breath play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi

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