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Miss Roxy

Miss Roxy
Miss Roxy
Miss Roxy

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Miss Roxy
26 years old Female from Glasgow, Scotland, UK
As a dominant, I am very knowledgeable and creative. One of my passions is guiding a submissive on a uniquely depraved erotic journey, manifested within a power exchange. Through my skillful mastery of desire I have the ability to make you powerless through whichever means necessary; through cruelty, coldness or hypnotic suggestion. I have all the tools I need to make you do what you want to do, which is submit. I am highly sadistic and intuitive so you shall be kept in a heightened state within our power exchange for the duration of the session.

My dominance emanates from my sexuality, as I walk I ooze sexual appeal out of every pore as you sweat desire.

I have a very holistic approach toward BDSM and actively study and indulge in fetishism, perversion and sadomasochism. I have the ability to induce trance, pleasure, pain and release. I can be soft and caring and simultaneously sadistic and cruel, hot and cold never felt so good.

BDSM practitioner and fetishist. I am a true deviant switch who can be found at The Maison Debauch in Edinburgh and The Auld School in Glasgow. Both of which are fully equipped to cater to your desires. A switch will always have an ace up their sleeve because they know both sides of a power exchange. This Sadist feels your pain and lustful desire and relishes within its bittersweet perversion. A lifestyle of BDSM and debauchery makes for a very intuitive and creative deviant, I understand and actively study the psychology of fetishism and eroticism; combining elements of hypnotism and adding psychological twists to sessions catered entirely to the individual.

Welcoming first timers and experienced players into the dungeon chambers for truly unique erotic experiences.

For the traveling business person:

You may conveniently find me in fully equipped dungeon premises In Edinburgh and Glasgow, or alternatively, let me bring a suitcase of toys to your hotel room or take me out for dinner and sub games.

For the first time player:

It can take a lot of courage to pay a visit to me, your decision to finally reach out will be one that you will not regret. You will be given a tour of the premises upon arrival and as per protocol you will have a discussion with me before the session begins so you can relax and indulge in your desires. Knowing that you will be safe and after the session, there is always a de-brief and if you need some time to compose yourself, it is always there for you.

For Hard players and kinksters on the scene:

The experiences you do not have in your personal life, the deepest desires can be brought to life in their fullest form. I will make you forget about the world as you indulge yourself in a scene.


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