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The Return of Mistress Velda, Bristol and Glastonbury

mistress velda-London mistress directory

Mistress Velda’s is BDSM world

My first taste of the BDSM world started when I became a fetish model.  I was always sexy and powerful looking and many people were intimidated by my looks, so becoming a MIstress was fate and the universe made it easy for me. 
Wearing stunning latex outfits and stilettos, I would attend many fabulous fetish clubs, balls and exhibitions.  Large crowds would always want to see me being deliciously cruel on centre stage.
During this period of time, I spent many years experimenting with my slaves. Presently I am fit and refreshed after taking a break and very much looking forward to dominating you.

Gift me

If you want to give me a gift to be in my favour, I do love sexy latex clothing in size 12, and beautiful stiletto heels in size 7. I would also appreciate cash store vouchers from M&S. of course Mistress also likes cold hard cash as a gift, the choice is yours if you aim to please. 

Mistress Velda’s private time

In my private time, I like to play hard as well as work hard. I enjoy nightlife, dancing,  fashion, vintage styling and performance art.  Keeping fit and toned is important to me so I like to swim and dance. The finer things in life make me happy like candlelit dinners and shopping sprees, especially buying lingerie, stockings, stilettos and anything kinky. Which gives me a thrill. 

Pink rebel

I am and have always been a rebel and this you can see in my look. What sets me apart is that I have had a wonderful journey full of experiences that have led me to where I am and how I feel today. I am mature and better-looking than I have ever been. I am like a fine and dominating is my pleasure.

Slutty little maid

If you are lucky enough to become my slave, I enjoy the rituals of getting dressed, shining the latex, the buckles the straps. The slave would be an obedient little slut maid. I would enjoy part or fully feminising my maid. The slave would be naked strapped up in bondage harnesses, gags and penis bondage ready for Mistress to do her bidding.

Kicking, squeezing, sitting and slapping

Another session style that I really enjoy is just using the sheer force of my body in many creative ways to dominate my slave. This would include kicking, squeezing, sitting and slapping it’s amazing how much there is without even picking up a toy.
My favourite type of slave is one who knows his place, follows instructions meticulously, and is clean and well-groomed. 

Mistress Velda’s Chambers

The chambers are located in a discreet residential location with free road parking outside.
Consists of a very well-equipped playroom, and luxury bathroom. 
Various large frames and cages, throne, whipping bench, bondage bed, harnesses and many BDSM toys.

If you want to know more about me, why don’t you see my profile with Mistress Elite or you can visit my website and get in touch


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