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Sweet Mistress Cyn of Dallas

sweet mistress syn dallas mistress

Sweet Mistress Cyn of Dallas
Open minded and free-spirited Dominatrix

I have always been an open-minded, free-spirited empath that truly loves helping people in creative ways.

My journey in the adult industry started in 1999. I was in between vanilla jobs and started out doing independent sensual massage, then, over the years added more and more different fetish offerings to my repertoire.

Self-taught in the art of BDSM

I never had a mentor. I learned everything first-hand on my own from simply being an astute listener to what people’s fetish needs are.

It has now evolved to where fetish is what I primarily do and massage/cuddling is now included in aftercare.

The fetish films of Sweet Mistress Cyn

I started producing fetish films in 2011, which is wonderfully entertaining for people to be able to watch my videos across the globe but also gives potential clients the ability to familiarize themselves with my style so they can take comfort in knowing I am very real, verifiable and experienced.

How to refer to your dominatrix?

Sweet Mistress Cyn, Miss Cyn or Mommy Cyn is the name I use for sessions. My video name is: Miss Katherine or Governess Katherine Worthington.
My clients know it is one in the same. I am not particular on which name to use, as people know me by both. People sometimes also sometimes refer to me as ma’am, mistress, miss, mommy.
This is all perfectly fine. What I don’t like is for potential clients that don’t know me to call me “babe” or for them to get things misconstrued that I am their submissive or we will be in an actual vanilla type, dating relationship.

That is something entirely different from what I am professionally offering. I am the driver of the car of a kinky, yet healing journey for my clients. They are my passenger.

I truly love to understand what makes my clients tick and to connect with them physically and emotionally. At the end of the day, my clients think of me as more their kinky therapist and it being a healing experience, keeping our time together in a separate, private little box – just as they would seeing any other provider like a massage therapist, doctor, or counsellor.

What BDSM means to Sweet Mistress Cyn?

BSDM is a style of play that requires good communication skills and TRUST for it to be the very best outcome.
Simply put, it is the creative art of a different type of play that many others in more “traditional/vanilla” play styles may not understand. Most of it is all the theatre of the mind.
BDSM is multi-faceted. There is a common misconception that it always involves strap-on play, whips and chains, wearing latex, leather &/or boundaries being violated where a person is just randomly beaten without consent. This could not be further from the truth. Activities are negotiated beforehand so both parties are playing within their boundaries, expectations and safewords are set.
There are many different styles of BDSM. I happen to have a very maternal approach. I am very much a caring MommyDomme/Disciplinarian/domestic domme/softcore type in every sense of the word.
A good top protects her bottom/sub. He is trusting her with his livelihood and safety. There are pro ladies that have many different styles, but at the end of the day, safety is key.

Beautiful and unique. The Dallas Dominatrix

I love to wear breathable, classy, Mommy Domme/disciplinarian-type clothing. Generally, it’s an upscale businesswoman or soccer Mom look but sometimes a bit bohemian/hippyish.
I like to wear satin button-up shirts and skirts, long flowing dresses, lace gowns & suit jackets with short skirts on underneath. Things that capture attention in a classy, upscale type of way. Most vanillas on the street would never guess I am “technically” a dominatrix.
My clients tell me they are very grateful for my look as it is very RELATEABLE for them.
I attract a lot of clients that want role play and to know they will be SAFE and protected. It’s easier for them to submit to & wrap their head around a Mommy or Boss scene if I look the part.

My favourite type of sessions

I only offer session offerings that I truly enjoy. If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it. I am a huge adrenaline junkie and love multi-hour sessions where I take Crossdressers and DL’s/ABDL’s and crossdressers out to play.
I know exactly where we can discreetly go & safely do what we need to do without negatively triangulating others.

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