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Which Fetish?

Actirasty - do you get turned on by the Sun? Word of the day is ‘actirasty’ – arousal to the Read more
aliens….you’ve gotta love ‘em ….haven’t you? Alien fetish….you’ve gotta love ‘em ….don't you? How about sex with one? You know Read more
Arachnophilia scary spider attraction One of the most popular phobias seems to be arachnophobia. However, there are a select few Read more
Don’t try Autoerotic Asphyxiation at home. Seriously The following is a quote from Wikipedia attributed to the author George Shuman.When Read more
Autagonistophilia - sexual arousal and orgasm when displaying one`s self in a live show Don’t put your daughter on the Read more
Autassassinophilia - Scared to death In today's modern society. It is clearly apparent that we love to be scared. With Read more
Claustrophilia, Turned on by tight Spaces For me. Tight spaces freak me out. This is, however very different for many Read more
Slave Bobby's take on cock and ball torture also known as CBT Cock and ball torture, or CBT as Dommes Read more
Coulrophilia – I should coco Coulrophilia, in my opinion is certainly a strange one. A fetish for clowns! It's peculiar Read more
Happy Easter! Let's take a look at crucifixion in the BDSM world. Easter is a time for chocolate eggs. eEr, Read more