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Mistress Satine

Mistress Satine
Mistress Satine
Mistress Satine
Mistress Satine
Mistress Satine
Mistress Satine
Mistress Satine

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Classified ad type:offering Phone:07414683059
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30 years old Female from Bromsgrove, West Mids, United Kingdom
West Midlands Mistress Satine professional BDSM dominatrix

Hello there, Satine here and since you are here, make yourself comfy and enjoy getting to know a bit more about your Mistress.

I have been a Mistress since 2003. I was introduced to the BDSM scene by darling husband, he is known as Q. Since then I have grown both as a person and as a Mistress. I enjoy being Mistress Satine in the same way that you enjoy being subservient/submissive to a Mistress, it’s a fun part of My life, My escape, My passion, My outlet. I too have a normal life, one that is totally separate from our deepest fantasies.

Getting to know your Mistress and enjoying what time we have together is My gift to you.
I am now very selective in who I see. Like I said I have been Mistress Satine for more than ten years and in that time I have seen a lot of fantasies. It has been a wonderful journey getting to know all the different kinds of kinks and fetishes. Most of which I have enjoyed though some I am not so bothered about. You will get to know more when you read more about Me and My website.

Coming to visit Me should not be a rushed experience. I understand that some times that is the case, and it’s as much time that very busy people can afford to fit in.

I don’t like to hurry or try to ram everything into a 1 hour session That creates tension and a session with Me should be a progressive thing. I’m not talking slowly slowly, I’m saying that I want to get to know your fantasies and to be on the same wavelength when we do session. It’s so much more fun and satisfying too!

I always was a very unique person. I knew this right from an early age. I’m a girl who likes to express her emotions through creativity, reaching a high point of ecstasy and power. I love to discover the desires and fantasies that you hide from your normal life. I seriously enjoy teasing them out of you; it gives Me a lot of satisfaction and hopefully, for you, a sense both of relief and being understood.

I understand how a ‘normal life’ can get in the way with our passionate alternative lifestyles, We all have to face reality and facts, don’t we! It’s not what we want, true, but like you I am only human. I am not some walking, talking Doll that can survive on having her batteries replaced. I wish I was! Then I would be able to thrive on so many more wild and exciting fantasies.

I enjoy very much being a strong Dominant female and I take it very seriously because it is who I am and who I want to continue to be. I am passionate about the Art of Tease. I also have other passions in my life. I enjoy photography, capturing a moment, enjoying the visuals whilst creating great memories.

I am happy in front of and behind the camera. My camera is always at hand for any opportune moment. I like to capture exciting visuals (whenever I can) in session so that you can appreciate my creativity, either for My website or just as a nice memory for you! (Have a look at the Galleries) Obviously this is discussed beforehand - I would always get consent first! Don’t panic!

I am not a cold heartless Mistress who is going to beat you to a pulp, I am very safe, sane and consensual. In My company you should feel safe, relaxed and so at ease that you enjoy a wonderful experience. Once we have established that you are worthy to come and visit, you will be able to take in a nice scenic country view before your entrance to My lair. I love living out in the countryside, so many inspiring opportunities. I have a private car parking area.

I operate alone, so you won’t see anyone else locked away in a cage, my time is your time. However I can do tailored sessions to suit you. If you want someone else involved I may be able to arrange that. If they happen to be a celebrity then you are chartering the helicopter!
In all seriousness it’s just Me and you indulging and playing in one fantasy. Whether it’s your own, both of ours combined or you just want Me to play out My fantasies, subject of course to your guidelines.

West Midlands Mistress Satine professional BDSM dominatrix

Contact info: 07414683059

City: Bromsgrove
State: West Mids
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: 07414683059


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Financial domination
Foot worship
Role Play
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