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Theda Brooks

Theda Brooks
Theda Brooks
Theda Brooks

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44 years old Female from Manchester, North West, United Kingdom
My name is Theda Brooks, I am situated a 5 minute drive from Manchester International airport .You have very easy access to where I am based. Please be assured you have my complete privacy with me when you book your session. You will be in a safe comfortable environment. My room I use for my sessions will not disappoint you it has an old victorian feel to it. I will never speak about myself in our sessions as you can appreciate I have a life outside of this, but I will always remain polite and never rude. I will not dress in rubber or leather, I will not stand in my underwear for our sessions, please understand that I will always be dressed as a lady in dresses. I do not switch, I do not have a dungeon. This is not a sexual service, so please do not ask me on the day for anything more. I use only top quality equipment dence leather implements belts, straps, tawses and I have a wide range of canes, hair brushes.

Disciplinarian Services

Are you stressed out to the point where you require disciplinarian services to get back on the right track? Are you looking for accountability in order to become a better version of yourself? Are you in need of guidance to help you better manage your emotional as well as physical needs? Are you searching for ways to get rid of the addictions in your life?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

I – Theda Brooks – am an experienced and professional disciplinarian who prides herself on providing life-changing spanking services. My disciplinarian services are therapeutic not only because I know what I am exactly doing but also because I tailor my sessions according to my client’s specific needs in order to make sure that the sessions are effective. So if you have any preferences as well as sentimental favorites when it comes to implements or some experiences that you would like to share beforehand, I am all ears. Do not hesitate to discuss and share with me whatever’s on your mind. I care about you and I want to help you discover as well as discipline yourself.

What you need to know is that I inflict pain. It’s going to be your medicine and believe me when I say that it will most definitely work. It’s the one thing that is common in all the disciplinary services I provide. I realize that your needs are real and that most probably they have been suppressed for a very long time. Hence, it’s about time you get a spanking so that you can learn to properly discipline yourself.
I am an ardent believer in the importance of setting limits and drawing boundaries. This is because I have a first-hand experience of how it helps in planning and leading a successful as well as a happy life. Isn’t that just what you are looking for? So, what you are you waiting for?…

Domestic Disciplinarian and Corporal Punishment

Welcome to my secret world of exciting and nurturing feminine dominance. I am Theda Brookes, a skillful domestic disciplinarian who will bring order in your life.

My journey as a domestic disciplinarian so far has been long and fulfilling but I am nowhere near the finish line. In fact, I feel as sprightly as ever even after my years of experience and that is mainly because I get immense satisfaction in helping people reform themselves.

I am a domestic disciplinarian through and through; the kind that only existed in the golden era of the 19th Century – where you were stripped and whipped for any wrong demeanours. My methods are unique and effective. This is because I am what you can call ‘old-fashioned’. I am dominant. I inflict extensive pain – the type that will hurt you but most importantly help you bring your affairs in order. Isn’t that exactly what you need and what you looking for?

To me nothing matters more than changing your life for the better. My wide range of services – that include spanking, corporal punishment, strapping, flogging, and even lecturing among various others – all have a very specific purpose. That is to discipline you.

Whatever and whenever you want to share your life’s story with me, I will be available. The more you tell me about your domestic disciplinarian and corporal punishment needs, your background, and your expectations,the better I will be able assist you.

While I am indeed authoritative, you’ll notice that I have a very gentle demeanor, warm personality, however, don’t fool yourself into thinking that I won’t harm you. Because I most definitely will. I will shape you using my own methods and expertise but I will customize our sessions so that they are as beneficial for you as they can be.

So, book your session with me today for an experience you will not forget for a long time.

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ETHNICITYCaucasianSEXUAL ORIENTATIONI offer a wide range of services, spanking services, disciplinarian services and corporal punishment. Below is a list that I will indulge in to whatever required