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Mistress Catriona LeBeau Interview

Exclusive interview with Brighton Mistress Catriona LeBeau For me, BDSM means creating a safe place for people to explore how closely related pleasure and pain really are! The foundations of this in my view are SSC,(safe, sane, consensual) meaning a level of trust can be established. From that point on limits can be explored and […]

Domina Mistress Sreni Italy Interview

Exclusive interview with Domina Sreni from Italy   Let me tell you how Domina Sreni first got interested in BDSM. I’ll take a step back in time. It’s because, in my family, I have always been surrounded by women with strong, discipline-focused personalities. This was the initial step that would give me further familiarity and […]

All consuming, Mistress Poshtotti

Built in BDSM for Mistress Poshtotti Seductive and tactile Mistress I am a tactile, seductive Mistress, I have no need to scream and shout. With one look into my eyes you will know who has the authority, you will know who is in command. You need to be clear though – in the event you […]