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Just what does it mean when someone is called a cuckold? The idea of the cuckold pervaded English culture until the Victorian era.Cuckold is derived from the Old French cucuault, which was used to describe people in the late Middle Ages.The cuckoo’s penchant for using another bird’s nest to hatch its eggs is where the […]

Rubber play, BDSM, fetish

Sensitivity to Rubber, removing moving that hair The more sensitive a person is to rubber play in general and to rubber suits, straightjackets, and sleepsacks in particular, the less hair they have.It’s just basic mechanics.Because hair works as an insulator, a guy with a thicker coat of hair is less vulnerable to the effects of […]

Sexual Cannibalism

Sexual cannibalism what is it? The costs and rewards for both the cannibal and the victim in the case of sexual cannibalism are determined by a number of factors. In this article, I zero in on species where sexual cannibalism is a common feature of a mating system forth which males put in the most […]