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Empress Akari

Empress Akari
Empress Akari
Empress Akari
Empress Akari
Empress Akari
Empress Akari

About me:

32 year old Female from Gloucestershire, South West, United Kingdom
Empress Akari
My name is Empress Akari.
I'm a professional and lifestyle expert who lives in Gloucestershire. I often work from the stylish Pantheon Dungeon ( also teach often in the South West, the Midlands, and Wales, including Birmingham and Bristol, but not just there.

Naturally dominant
I easily command the respect of others around me.
It is, after all, my natural tendency.
A real dominant does not need to yell or scream obscenities to bring out the submissive in you.
A tug on your hair, your ear near to my lips, and a murmur are enough to knock you to your knees.

Let's find out what is your kink
The realm of BDSM is huge and varied, with several paths to choose from.
Finding what works for you and exploring it securely in my experienced hands is an unforgettable experience.
Whether you want to learn more about masochism or explore the many kinks and fetishes, I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.
If you are new to BDSM, I will soothe your worries and guide you with a hard yet compassionate hand and understanding.
If you have prior experience, I will take you above and beyond your expectations.
As I tell my subordinates, the journey comes before the destination.

The exchange of power between two individuals may be the ultimate high, the peak of mental and physical strain and that much-desired moment of catharsis.
Those who sincerely want to unlock the door are given the key. Tread with confidence but trepidation, and that door may open up more possibilities for you than you could have imagined in your wildest dreams.

I will guide you
The hardest part is often taking the first step, which is why I give suggestions on my website.
Although I do not accept everyone, I do provide those who follow my criteria the opportunity to prove their worth.
If you believe you possess these traits, please contact me via email or through my website.
Above all, be yourself, bringing your sincerity and honesty.
I can see right through those who don't.

Visit my website for additional information about me and the services I provide.

Contact info:

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Adult baby
Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / Restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension

Extra Services:

All other services are located on my website:
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