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Lady Ashley

Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley
Lady Ashley

About me:

38 year old Female from St Johns Wood, London, United Kingdom

My name is Miss Lady Ashley.

professional dominatrix in Derby

My game is to control you. My greatest joy is to have you worship Me and obey My every order. Please your Mistress, and I'll have you shrieking with passionate pleasure. If you disobey me, I will have you screaming in agony.

I consider myself to be a pure, lovely, English Dominatrix of extremely high standards who specialises in Domination.
This isn't just a job for me since I'm a successful Dominatrix. I am passionate, domineering, seductive, and extremely seductive. I thrive in positions of power over you.

Sensual or severe professional mistress

While I strive to satisfy all of your expectations, I ask you to accept My own values in exchange. Whips, chains, and toys fascinate me. So, when you yield to Me, let Me show you the beauty of agony.

I welcome both new and experienced slaves and subs. For My beginners or subs who want to explore with dominance, I can be fun, romantic, and sensual, or a severe, sadistic, and cruel mistress for the more experienced subs / slaves who desire to submit entirely.

I recently relocated to a very private spot in a wonderful neighbourhood. I've built fully-equipped, opulent rooms for us to explore the realm of dominance together. Whips, chains, canes, shackles, electrics, spanking / whipping bench, bondage bed / cage, St Andrews cross, cage, a jail cell with a bondage box and restraints, chastity devices, and CBT torture equipment are all accessible in my chambers. More information on equipment may be found on the My session / chambers website.

I will have you at my feet

Have you been yearning for the ultimate culmination of dominance? A commanding, youthful, and stunning Mistress who will have you begging at Her feet. Do you want to know where you fit in as a sub, slave, sissy, or pet? Do you tremble at the thought of a genuine Goddess commanding your every move?

Do you enjoy having your balls busted, nipples tortured, balls bouncing, and ass pounding? Maybe you want your face smacking, or my spit hanging, cross dressing, wigs, and forced dancing? Or do you seek shame, public outings, or even a little sounding?

Maybe you really want to be spanked over My knee like a little kid, or tied to a tree? Contact Me about anything. Is it 100 lines or corner time? Being escorted to the restroom to have your mouth washed? Or is it puppy play? You may argue that a collar and leash is your specialty. You will obey Me regardless of your kink or obsession.

Professional mistress committed to her dominant lifestyle

Miss Lady Ashley is deeply committed to Her dominant lifestyle. As much as I appreciate rigorous, brutal punishments, I also enjoy the sensuous side of stretching My slaves' boundaries. When you enter Miss Lady Ashley's realm, you will want to be Her property and groomed to be the finest sub / slave you can be in order to please Her.

Perhaps you aspire to dress up in wigs, make-up, painted nails, and slutty / lovely outfits and become My little sissy sluts. Miss Lady Ashley's sissy wardrobe is expanding by the day. Miss Lady Ashley will also be open one day a week for Sissy Flat Parties. All sissies are welcome to come dressed up and play. Start dates and pricing will be announced on My Twitter profile. Make certain you follow me on Twitter. @MLA1DOMME

Visit My Website if you want to learn more about serving Miss Lady Ashley! ENJOY! I'll be waiting to hear about your kinky, or severe, dominance obsessions while you fantasise about serving this stunning Dominatrix and letting your limits to be tested in a variety of ways.

To arrange a session with Miss Lady Ashley

When arranging a session with Miss Lady Ashley, I expect you to contact, phone, or text me nicely and respectfully. I want you to be as specific as possible about your obsessions and prior experiences. It is critical that you comprehend the world of Domination, and I expect you to comprehend your role in Mine. Miss Lady Ashley, you must enjoy every session if you are to be allowed to serve Me again.

You are invited to be a text slave or online slave / sub. Miss Lady Ashley will contact you on a regular basis with demands and directions, and she will expect you to obey them. You would, of course, be expected to pay a weekly homage to Me in exchange. And I expect you to take whichever route I think is best for you. Apply to Me by email in a courteous and straightforward manner.

Contact info:

City / Town:St Johns Wood
Country:United Kingdom
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / Restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension

Extra Services:

Visit my website for more info
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