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Lady Valeska, London Mistress

Lady Valeska, London Mistress
Lady Valeska, London Mistress
Lady Valeska, London Mistress
Lady Valeska, London Mistress
Lady Valeska, London Mistress
Lady Valeska, London Mistress

About me:

39 year old Female from General, London, United Kingdom

Lady Valeska
London Mistress

I currently make my home in London, the United Kingdom, but I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I consider myself an intelligent, driven, and multifaceted alpha female.
Not only do I have years of experience as a professional dominatrix, but I am also very active in the kink lifestyle, scene, and events in London as well as around the world.

Not only is this something I do for fun, but it is also an essential component of my identity.

Even though kink takes up a large part of my life, I am also a socialite, a lover of music, a fashion expert, and a fetish model. I have a bad case of wanderlust, so I spend a lot of time travelling to different parts of the world and enjoying everything the kink community has to offer.

London Mistress lady Valeska's play space

I have a place in south London that my friends call "the Kink Haven." It's a home play space that's just for me and my friends.
From the city centre, getting there is not a difficult task at all.
My kink haven provides you with everything you need to give in to your fetishes, including a St. Andrews cross, a large bench with a cage, and the various implements that go along with it.

A healthy respect

I find BDSM to be utterly fascinating, and I take great pleasure in the many ways in which it can be therapeutic for an individual's life; I adore the structure that comes with the implementation of the correct D/s protocol.
I have a healthy respect for the sick, twisted desires that lie dormant in every submissive, and it gives me great pleasure to fulfil those needs.
Both nurturing and cruel are sides of my personality, and I enjoy balancing the two in a delicate dance. My fetish is the deep connection that can be made with a submissive through play and other interactions, whether those interactions involve crying, whimpering, or laughing.

I will dominate both your body and your mind by the time we are done spending time together, and I will leave you begging for more.

Contact info:

City / Town:General
Country:United Kingdom
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Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
hot wax / Ice play
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / Restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension
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