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Maîtresse Parker

Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker
Maîtresse Parker

About me:

37 year old Female from Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France, Nice, France
Maîtresse Parker
French no limits professional dominatrix
Maîtresse Parker's World
I started dominating right away by practicing based on what I wanted and what I wanted at the time. I decided to give it a try and make this something I do every day.

Breaking from rules based on what I want and how I feel.
I do things based on what I tell myself to do and how I feel. Everything I've liked and loved in my life has given me ideas.

If you know how to talk about yourself and don't waste my time. I might be interested in you as a person.
I am in charge of a system that is ruled by an absolute, gynarchic, despotic, and natural law monarchy. I decide everything, assuming I can make the rules that work for me, and I change them whenever I want.
My supremacy is not in question, and anyone who hesitates to acknowledge and follow this rule will face the harshest punishments.

The basic rules of BDSM are not absolute; only my will is. My despotism is enlightened and helps the good to win.
I like to be in a place that makes me happy and where everyone changes to meet the needs I set for them.
I am the only one who owns my slaves.
I'm good at cuckolding.

I care a lot about being spontaneous because BDSM and all of its branches make me happy and excited. I will help you get better at being submissive.
No limits Mistress
To show you that I respect you, I'll train you to be who you really are on the inside so you can live out your dreams.

I can do sessions that are half an hour long if the fantasy lends itself to it. Or sessions that are an hour to two hours long if they are planned. I can also set up internships from 3 to 24 hours, or even more.

People who are really interested and willing to give themselves the tools, they need to reach their goals. You will stand out if you accept the camera and my lens without question.

You will have to tell me in detail what you expect. What you hope for, what you want, what you fear, what you don't do, and what you've done. You'll have to tell me everything you think is important for me to know and everything that could make you different from the other lambda requests I might get.

Contact info:

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Ball busting
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
Hard sports / Toilet training
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