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Miss Dominique

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Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique
Miss Dominique

About me:

56 year old Female from Surrey, South East, United Kingdom

Mistress Dominque

reigning supreme over South East Surrey

My hours are from 1pm to 9pm, Monday through Saturday, but you must call ahead to schedule an appointment.
However, if you have any time constraints or specific requests, I will always do everything in my power to accommodate them.

a decade's worth of experience working in BDSM.

I have worked as a professional dominatrix for more than ten years, and despite having a feminine appearance, I have a personality that is naturally dominant. I enjoy being in charge.
As I uncover your greatest vulnerability, I will take great pleasure in exposing your most vulnerable points, both mentally and physically, in order to elicit the kind of response I seek.


Whether I should be formal, remote, strict and severe, cruel, brutal and sadistic, seductive, sensual, close and tactile, caring, compassionate, subtle and sensitive, seducing, sensual, close and tactile, or something in between, I know intuitively how to behave.

utilising originality and spontaneity while combining some or all of these components.
What sort of a response can we expect—punishment, agony, or delight?
Each session is unscripted, and as unique as you are, you quiver in nervous anticipation, unable to predict my next move.


And so, as the session progresses, you find that you are at the mercy of my imagination, which is playing with you; and while conflicting messages and feelings of surprise and confusion race through both your mind and body, your reactions play to my sense of humour and amusement...

Because I believe that effective sessions are in part the result of good communication, when you contact me, you will find that I am approachable, open-minded, and easy to talk to. I hope that this will make working with me a positive experience for you.

A skilled and reputable mistress who has rigorous expectations.

You will also discover that my expectations are very high, and I will look for the very best performance from you.
I demand worship, adoration, and love in exchange for being coddled, spoiled, and spoiled rotten.

I expect the best treatment because I am deserving of it and because I believe that respect, courtesy, consideration, and therefore cleanliness and discretion are essential components of the relationship that exists between you, my subject, and me, your mistress, and are necessary for the development of trust.

Contact info:

City / Town:Surrey
Area:South East
Country:United Kingdom
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Mummification / Restraints

Extra Services:

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