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Mistress May Thorn

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Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn
Mistress May Thorn

About me:

66 year old Female from Bristol & Swindon, South West, United Kingdom

Mistress May Thorn.

Mistress May Thorn has an area of expertise is in the dominance of women and the promotion of that dominance. She is not a provider of services for men who identify as "submissives" but have their own goals in mind. If you want to come to see me, we will have to agree to all of my conditions first.

While requests for particular play will be noted, whether I employ them depends on if I consider it advantageous to attaining MY desired outcome.

In other careful what you ask for.

Understanding that, you now have a choice. You can leave now, or you can move forward to learn.....‘What It Takes’.

What is required of it?

If you ask any of Mistress May Thorn's devoted subs how to gain her attention, you'll get at least a half dozen different replies, none of which will offer you the information you need to join their ranks as a sub. The question that you SHOULD be asking yourself is, "What can I give her that she doesn't already have?" How can I be of the most useful to her?
Mistress May Thorn is an expert in the subject of the male-submissive psyche and knows everything there is to know about what lurks in the deep, dark recesses of that psyche. There is no place to take cover. Your first test will consist of nothing less than enduring my close inspection, so prepare yourself. Only people who can convince her that they are real and really want to help me will be invited to explore my realm. You'll have to show me that you're worth my time and that you're willing to work, suffer, and keep trying to figure out how to give me the answers I'm looking for. It won't be a piece of cake. It's not easy to win me over as a woman.

Please understand that if you phone Mistress May Thorn with the expectation that she will be interested in hearing your kinks or reciting you a menu, she will not do either of those things. You, my dear, are the sole item available for purchase at this establishment.


At the moment, Mistress May Thorn is doing classes at the House of Croix in Bristol, which is an establishment that is very well prepared. This is where Mistress May Thorn gives in to my whims by doing things like inescapable restraint and predicament bondage; breath play; medical play; objectification and body modification; strap-on; judicial and corporal punishment; extreme tying and tease; and any of the many other things I find relaxing and enjoyable.

Do you have any particular interests? Mistress May Thorn only has one, and it's your application.

Her favourite activities are, in no particular order:

Mistress May Thorn will use a rope to disable and restrain you so she can enjoy "stimulating" you in various innovative ways. I like to see you sweat.
Putting disgusting gags in your mouth and watching you chew while they watch your saliva flow.
Using her whips, she will create intriguing artwork on your flesh while listening to the delectable sounds you make while she is working.
This keeps you celibate for a period of several months at a time. And Mistress May Thorn is the only one who has the keys. (Yes, really!) She is going to put you in my sling and introduce you to her extensive collection of tumescent strapons... Oh, stop screaming!
And of course, the most important thing for her is to teach you so you can serve me in the best way possible.
Sexual orientationStraight

Contact info:

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Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / Restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension

Extra Services:

objectification and body modification, strap-on, judicial extreme tie and teased, slave taining
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