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Mistress TCA

Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA
Mistress TCA

About me:

44 year old Female from Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

TCA-London Dominatrix Mistress

Mistress TCA is an expert in her profession, destroying and creating the servile male type, and she is notorious for being sirenesque. Dominatrix, The Terrible Adventuress, gives you a cruel welcome: browse her domain, and perhaps the Mistress will come to peruse you.

I have spent years perfecting and employing the occult arts of FemDom.

Knowing and accepting your place in the hierarchy will help you do well in the games I like to play, in which I enjoy being both the servant and the object of worship.

True Dome

Mistress TCA, Even if I choose to break the ice and have a lively conversation with you, or if you find me to be a dry wit with an air of authoritative classic about my person, please remember that at the core of my being, and whenever you may find yourself in my presence, I am first and foremost a true Domme and a natural sadist. In private, 'Woe betide you, my prospective slut.'

Although I have heard compliments ranging from "strange" to "beautiful," the one thing everyone can agree on is that I am a born Domme.

Citizenship and ancestry both place the speaker in the English category; the speaker's ancestry is white English and black Caribbean. My hair is long and raven, but I choose to wear it up out of the way to show off my pale skin.

I stand at a respectable 5 feet 8 inches tall (6 feet 3 inches in my killer heels), and I am refined and thin (but not frail), with a short neck and noticeable collar bones.

I possess well-toned prowess, presence, and poise.

I exude an air of timeless elegance; my accent is impeccable Received Pronunciation (RP); I take great pleasure in being a snob; but I am occasionally overcome by the need to act like a commoner. As a Dominatrix, it serves me well to be both intelligent and well-read, as well as both open-minded and narrowly focused.

People often remark that I appear to be cruel, severe, and/or unapproachable—a true ice queen.​

From trashy body stockings to antique costumes, from latex to leather, I have it all. Also, gloves and shoes are two of my favourite things.


Contact info:

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Adult baby
Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / Restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension

Extra Services:

Eating (vore) - Mind control/psyche play - Socio-political bully - Domestic servitude
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