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Mistress Violator

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07511 095125
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator
Mistress Violator

About me:

46 year old Transsexual from Sheffield, Yorkshire & Humber, United Kingdom

Post op transsexual dominatrix

Mistress Violator

Mistress violator is a post-operative transgender mistress, for those who are ignorant. This indicates she has undergone a full gender transformation and is now physically identical to a genetic girl. She is well aware of the full scope of your dirty thoughts and the murky depths of your sexual depravity, and she will exploit all of your perverted wants for hedonistic pleasure. This also provides the appearance that she understands her subordinate males' thoughts and feelings better than the average Mistress.

Designed for domination

Then there's the fact that she's purposely designed for domination; at six feet tall without her heels, she'll almost certainly tower over you in them, and she has the muscle to restrain most slaves even without the use of bondage - though she prefers it!

A particularly unique view of the control

Mistress Violator sees life in general, and control in particular, in a somewhat unique manner. She may be ruthless, hideously wicked, and absolutely evil, yet she can also be devilishly alluring, wonderfully sensuous, and even playful and flirtatious at times. She can be all of these things at once. She demands nothing less than your worship and adulation, as well as your complete devotion and dedication to her. She is the most powerful ruler of all. To put it another way, because you are her followers, she is free to do whatever she wants with you, and she may also utilise you according to whatever frame of mind she chooses to be in at any given time...

Understand the voyage with transsexual mistress violator

...yet, despite everything, isn't that exactly what you want to happen? - to be submissive, to relinquish all control while having no idea what will happen next, to surrender to a Mistress who not only has the ability to punish but also to reward, to not only belittle but also gently and lovingly care for her dogs...

...when you hand yourself over to The Violator, you understand that she will lead you on a voyage that will test your limits, that you will feel both pain and pleasure, that you will surrender unquestioningly and fully to her every whim and delight in the surprises that this brings.

When you turn yourself up to The Violator, you agree that she will take you on a voyage that will test your limitations.

Contact info:

Phone:07511 095125
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Ball busting
Breath play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Water sports

Extra Services:

Please see my website for all the services I offer
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