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Mistress Volga

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Mistress Volga
Mistress Volga
Mistress Volga
Mistress Volga
Mistress Volga
Mistress Volga

About me:

43 year old Female from General, London, United Kingdom

Mistress Volga

I am a sophisticated figure of authority who complies with a rigid set of guidelines for proper behavior.
My hair is blonde and my eyes are a captivating emerald color.

I am a total of 6 feet and 4 inches tall, and I am now sporting a pair of dazzling stilettos.
I require your total and absolute submission, and in exchange, I promise to adore you.

You are going to discover that I am really well prepared and that I have a lot of expertise in the art of dominance.
Because I am naturally authoritative and demanding, you can always count on me to take the lead.


You will certainly submit to my will.

You will have the opportunity to feel the sensual side of my nature if you are obedient.
I try to keep an open mind and sometimes act in a really stupid manner.
I find that I have the most fun with role-playing games in which I can play the dominant character in any one of a variety of different situations.



Would you want to have a confrontation with a stern and formidable Amazon who is clad in leather? Before she makes you feel so happy and passionate that you can't stop, she will make you fall at her feet.


I have the potential to be a strict governess who will inflict harsh corporal punishment to the bare buttocks of wayward boys who deserve a good old-fashioned whipping for misbehaving. I will do this because I believe that boys should be disciplined in the same way that they were when they were young.
I'll accomplish this by slapping them across the face.



I will demand your loyalty, adoration, and sexual worship because I am an authoritative, tyrannical, and moody Nordic goddess.


I can act like a seductive siren who takes over the situation and makes you my slave.
It's possible that I'll force you to dress in traditionally feminine garb, such as padded bras, stockings, suspender belts, stilettos, and wigs.
After that, you will acquire the skills necessary to behave in an obedient manner, you little bitch.
Sexual orientationbisexual

Contact info:

City / Town:General
Country:United Kingdom
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Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
hot wax / Ice play
Dungeon / Playroom

Extra Services:

feminisation, sisification
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