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Ts Mistress Nina

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Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina
Ts Mistress Nina

About me:

42 year old Transsexual from Bristol, South West, United Kingdom
Transsexual mistress Nina of Bristol
You can also find Ts Mistress Nina in Taunton.
Nina is a beautiful young woman from the Southwest who works as a TV Mistress.
Roleplay is what transsexual Mistress Nina does best.
You can be anything from the headmistress of a school to a strict dominatrix.
Sissification by force. She loves to put stockings, suspenders, and pretty pants on poor subs and slaves. You often wear a pretty maid's dress and high heels, and I make you wear a wig and tie you down while I put makeup on your face to make you my little sissy cum slut who is ready to clean with her tongue and worship my whole body if I want her to.
I'm an expert at putting bad-behaving, submissive men and women in tight bonds and often in positions where they are very exposed and helpless. From hogties to chair ties, and while you're tied up, I can do whatever I want with your useless, pathetic body, including your useless cock.
If you don't please me, I can hurt your cock and balls so much that they'll never be useful again.
Restraint. When you become one of my submissives, I will hold you back all the time.
Play with cling film.
I love wrapping the heads and other parts of submissives in cling film. I do this a lot on top of extreme jokes and before mummifying them from head to toe.
If your whole body and head are mummified, you can't move. This is often done with cling film and then pallet wrap to keep you from moving. I might leave your mouth open, but not so that you can breathe, but so that you can please me.

Ts Mistress Nina gagged a slave, gagged, blindfolded, and hooded him.

I have a lot of gags that will keep you quiet and make you open your mouth wide. From ball gags to pump-up gags, and of course you'll be blindfolded or hooded so you can't see what I'm doing to your body. You'll also be tied up tightly, gagged, blindfolded, and hooded again. I'll sometimes use my dirty underwear to choke or hood you.
breath play
I love giving breath-play, sometimes with my hands and sometimes with breathing hoods or plastic bags. I love seeing how hard you try to breathe while I give you CPT or CP.
Hand spanking
If you've been bad, which I'm sure you have, I'll give your bottom a hard hand spanking. Believe me, it will be a hard spanking on your bare bottom while you're over my knee with your pants down around your ankles begging for mercy.


As I beat you, it gives me so much pleasure to see your bottom or back turn red. It hurts you almost as much as it hurts you.
I love doing school sessions because I have my own schoolroom. As head-mistress Nina or head girl Nina, my favourite part is giving you the cane and watching the lines form on your sorry bottom. Trust me, after I hit you with one or more of my many canes, you won't be able to sit comfortably for a while.
violet magic wand.
My favourite toy for giving you pleasure and pain all over your body, from your nipples to your cock and balls, and trust me, you won't be able to stop me from using it on you.
Play with straps. After sucking on my strap, I'll make sure you have the worst time of your life with it. I love making sissy sluts beg me to fuck them with my big strap-on and then watching them cry as I fuck their asses with it.
One of the first things I look for in a submissive who works for me is how well they can follow orders. So once you're naked or have been forced to become a woman, I'll put a collar and leash on you and make you my pet. You will follow me around on your hands and knees and only stop to worship my beautiful back every so often. I could also sit on your back and ride you around.
Humiliation It goes without saying that you will be verbally and physically humiliated the whole time you serve me.

TS Nina adores her body

Worship the body.
You will have to worship my whole body, including my beautiful legs, which need to be kissed constantly from top to bottom (enforced oral not offered)

Ts Nina Worships Her Feet, as well as her shoes.

I love my shoes and boots, and I will use my mouth and tongue to make you love them too. I love it most when the heels are sucked in. After you clean my boots, you will worship my feet and lick my toes bare or through tights or stockings.
One of my favourite things to do is tie a submissive to the bed and sit on their face with all my weight. Sometimes I'll let you worship my naked behind, sometimes I'll let you enjoy my pantyhose, which I may have been wearing for days, and sometimes I'll let you enjoy my wet pantyhose. I can also sit in nothing but tights.
water sports.
I don't do normal water sports, but I will wet my pants and make you sit on your face or give me oral through them. I might make you wear my wet underwear over your head or as a gag at some point.
I'll force you to lie on the floor while I walk over you with my whole body weight on my high heels.
play at school.

Contact info:

City / Town:Bristol
Area:South West
Country:United Kingdom
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Breath play
Forced bi
Mummification / Restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension
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