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Sweet Mistress Cyn of Dallas

sweet mistress syn dallas mistress

Sweet Mistress Cyn of Dallas
Open minded and free-spirited Dominatrix

I have always been an open-minded, free-spirited empath that truly loves helping people in creative ways.

My journey in the adult industry started in 1999. I was in between vanilla jobs and started out doing independent sensual massage, then, over the years added more and more different fetish offerings to my repertoire.

Self-taught in the art of BDSM

I never had a mentor. I learned everything first-hand on my own from simply being an astute listener to what people’s fetish needs are.

It has now evolved to where fetish is what I primarily do and massage/cuddling is now included in aftercare.

The fetish films of Sweet Mistress Cyn

I started producing fetish films in 2011, which is wonderfully entertaining for people to be able to watch my videos across the globe but also gives potential clients the ability to familiarize themselves with my style so they can take comfort in knowing I am very real, verifiable and experienced.

How to refer to your dominatrix?

Sweet Mistress Cyn, Miss Cyn or Mommy Cyn is the name I use for sessions. My video name is: Miss Katherine or Governess Katherine Worthington.
My clients know it is one in the same. I am not particular on which name to use, as people know me by both. People sometimes also sometimes refer to me as ma’am, mistress, miss, mommy.
This is all perfectly fine. What I don’t like is for potential clients that don’t know me to call me “babe” or for them to get things misconstrued that I am their submissive or we will be in an actual vanilla type, dating relationship.

That is something entirely different from what I am professionally offering. I am the driver of the car of a kinky, yet healing journey for my clients. They are my passenger.

I truly love to understand what makes my clients tick and to connect with them physically and emotionally. At the end of the day, my clients think of me as more their kinky therapist and it being a healing experience, keeping our time together in a separate, private little box – just as they would seeing any other provider like a massage therapist, doctor, or counsellor.

What BDSM means to Sweet Mistress Cyn?

BSDM is a style of play that requires good communication skills and TRUST for it to be the very best outcome.
Simply put, it is the creative art of a different type of play that many others in more “traditional/vanilla” play styles may not understand. Most of it is all the theatre of the mind.
BDSM is multi-faceted. There is a common misconception that it always involves strap-on play, whips and chains, wearing latex, leather &/or boundaries being violated where a person is just randomly beaten without consent. This could not be further from the truth. Activities are negotiated beforehand so both parties are playing within their boundaries, expectations and safewords are set.
There are many different styles of BDSM. I happen to have a very maternal approach. I am very much a caring MommyDomme/Disciplinarian/domestic domme/softcore type in every sense of the word.
A good top protects her bottom/sub. He is trusting her with his livelihood and safety. There are pro ladies that have many different styles, but at the end of the day, safety is key.

Beautiful and unique. The Dallas Dominatrix

I love to wear breathable, classy, Mommy Domme/disciplinarian-type clothing. Generally, it’s an upscale businesswoman or soccer Mom look but sometimes a bit bohemian/hippyish.
I like to wear satin button-up shirts and skirts, long flowing dresses, lace gowns & suit jackets with short skirts on underneath. Things that capture attention in a classy, upscale type of way. Most vanillas on the street would never guess I am “technically” a dominatrix.
My clients tell me they are very grateful for my look as it is very RELATEABLE for them.
I attract a lot of clients that want role play and to know they will be SAFE and protected. It’s easier for them to submit to & wrap their head around a Mommy or Boss scene if I look the part.

My favourite type of sessions

I only offer session offerings that I truly enjoy. If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it. I am a huge adrenaline junkie and love multi-hour sessions where I take Crossdressers and DL’s/ABDL’s and crossdressers out to play.
I know exactly where we can discreetly go & safely do what we need to do without negatively triangulating others.

Mistress Eve of Earls Court

Mistress Eve is an infamous and well-known mistress in London. A professional dominatrix, in my opinion.

She provides a wide range of BDSM services. I caught up with Mistress Evev earlier this week to ask a few questions that I have been dying to know about her.

One of the first answers to the question I wanted to find out was:

What started and influenced Mistress Eve into becoming one of the most successful dominatrixes in the United Kingdom?

“Well, thanks for the compliment.” Fear would be the main influence on motivation. I would say to make money and to get as far away and as quickly as possible at the age of 15. This was from my unstable and harsh upbringing of 19 schools and abuse. “This was something I had to deal with as a child, such as being raised on welfare and having an abusive family life.”

Next, I wanted to find out what BDSM means to Mistress Eve.

“BDSM was the only way I knew how to make money, and I enjoy what I do!” I have no boss and a dreadful 9-to-5 job that I would despise!
“I have a great reason to keep in social contact with people and a good reason to keep taking care of myself.”

The beautiful and unique style of Earl’s Court Mistress Eve


Mistress Eve of Earls Court has a unique and very beautiful style. I wanted to find out about Mistress Eve’s BDSM look and style. What sets her apart from other mistresses in the UK.

“I guess you could say I am a glamorous mistress.” I offer many more services than other mistresses would ever consider. I am versatile, and I have nursing, modelling, and retail experience behind me. “So I know how to deal with the human body, dress well, and relate to people from all walks of life.”

“FYI Contrary to what some may think, I do not really enjoy having my photos taken; I am not that vain. However, I know full well that it is part of my job to keep my brand relevant and up-to-date. So, I make every effort to shoot at least once a month.

“This last shoot I did, the photographer was a long-term loyal client.
It is a total myth that one requires an overrated, overpriced professional photographer. My best photos were all taken by friends.

What are Mistress Eve’s favourite types of sessions, and how should a potential slave behave when visiting with her?

“Here are a few pointers that are important to me.

It will be appreciated if you volunteer your name when you call. Please kindly do not ask me any questions of an intimate sexual nature prior to our meeting in any way; it is impolite and against the law. Be prepared to answer basic questions such as what my fees are, etc., to establish that you are informed due to reading the details on my website, as you would be if you were genuine.

Make sure you are not unkempt and do not get drunk, etc., before our meeting. To be on time, the session begins at the agreed-upon time, and please follow my text instructions carefully; no one likes unexpected people ringing their doorbell. To have my fees ready without me prompting you. You will be offered a shower before and after your session; please accept it.

Show enthusiasm and be prepared

Show enthusiasm and be prepared to contribute to the conversation. Recognize that I am a sensual mistress and that communication is part of the session. Unless a silent session is accepted, I will not be the only one to carry the conversation. It is understood that you will not get too personal and will not talk about your wife and kids.

We all have limits; please reframe questions about my work, for example. Remember, this is not an interview situation, and the reason you booked me was for us to have a great time, not for you to try to pull emotional rank over me. It is normal to treat me with respect. No matter how clever people may think they are, I can always tell when someone is trying to be unkind. Reframe negative remarks about myself, my career, my friends, etc.

Finally, please understand that it is only polite not to overstay your welcome. If you want to extend, I may consider it if I have the time and if my fees are paid.

What are some of Mistress Eve’s favourite outfits, and how does she feel when wearing them?

“I love to wear everything, and it’s even better when a client takes me out to the best shops in London to go on shopping sprees, e.g., Libidex, Harrods, Selfridges, etc.

Does Mistress Eve have any tour plans, new additions to her toy collection, or special services that she is planning to offer in the near future? If so, what?

“I don’t need to go on tour.”If a client wants to have a session with me, then he will make all the efforts to travel to me. Unless it’s to W1 or a booking from abroad,All my travel expenses and travel times need to be paid for on top of my fees. If I added up the hours I’ve lost due to sitting in traffic on my way to or from an out call, I could have bought a house in Saint Johns Wood.

Please describe an ideal session with one of your submissive slaves.

“Session, shopping then a meal, and then a generous tip!”

If a submissive slave misbehaves in one of your sessions, how might you discipline him?

“Hit him in the wallet—SAS tax—rude boundary pushers don’t get away with “I am sorry—it’s a £50 fine per annoyance.”

What would a potential submissive slave expect from Mistress Eve on her first visit to you?

experiences that will go all downhill after a session with me. Everything on his desire list will be addressed if he has perfect conduct in my presence.

If you want to know more about this receive and the services, she offers you can visit her profile, right here or go straight onto the website of Mistress Eve


Just what does it mean when someone is called a cuckold?

The idea of the cuckold pervaded English culture until the Victorian era.
Cuckold is derived from the Old French cucuault, which was used to describe people in the late Middle Ages.
The cuckoo’s penchant for using another bird’s nest to hatch its eggs is where the word “cuckoo” comes from.
The term “cuckold” was once used to describe the husband of an unfaithful wife, and it carried with it a heavy stigma.
A man’s inability to exert authority over his wife or his impotence was implied.

Explaining the Horns’ Mysterious Meaning

Cuckolding was traditionally represented by a pair of ram’s horns.
Horns, which are employed during the mating season while the animal is fighting its adversary, have traditionally been connected with the animal’s strength, power, and superiority, as well as its reproductive vitality.

The powdered rhinoceros horn is still sold in Asia as an aphrodisiac, and horns are utilised symbolically by several modern societies.
As contemporary readers, we must realise that the horns were associated with Satan and that their very mention was rife with sexual innuendo.
The horn’s hollow inside and protruding exterior represent both the male and female reproductive systems.

What does Cuckolding mean today?

Cuckolding fantasy

Cuckolding fantasy

A cuckolding fetish is a guy’s attraction to his wife or girlfriend sleeping with someone else. Is this your worst nightmare? Many people seem to think quite the opposite.

According to Google Trends, the UK is second only to the Netherlands in cuckolding searches.

Why is cuckold so popular?

As with any sexual desire, it’s impossible to pinpoint a reason, but researchers say sexual jealousy may be biological.

Witnessing your wife with someone else may excite you so you might ‘beat’ their sperm for fertilisation. This fantasy has been around as long as marriage and sexuality

Some people say that biological theories of fetishes can’t explain how social and cultural factors can affect quirks.

Additionally, we can take into consideration that the forbidden aspect – adultery is a sin – may be part of its appeal.

Justin Lehmiller polled thousands of Americans and found that 58% of males and a third of women have considered cuckolding.
“Men are more prone to fantasise about cuckolding, and they do it more often, but some women do too.

In a culture that idealises monogamy, the cuckold dream is a current story.

Cuckold, the dangers of nonconsenting couples

For some individuals, having a spouse who gets turned on by me shagging other people is like winning the lotto. But you have to take into consideration the other side of the story also.  I am in contact with many professional BDSM mistresses all over the United Kingdom.  And some of these are beautiful and very talented. Individuals have been offered by their significant others to take part in Cuckolding scenarios. I can tell you, without any shadow of a doubt that this has led to a relationship breakdown. 

Whilst the husband has an ideal and very graphic sexual fantasy of the partner, being with another man. The woman on the other hand certainly does not.  This can be a dealbreaker in some situations leading to very complicated sexual relationships.  Ultimately, this conflict of interests could and does lead to relationship breakdowns.  It’s very important to make sure that you enter into this specific fantasy scenario with both parties being absolutely 100% on board with every and all ramifications, which may occur.

Finding a partner who gets turned on by Cuckolding

Cuckolding fantasy

Cuckolding fantasy

You don’t need a poorly-spelt online advertisement post to gratify a cuckolding passion.
Some individuals get off on hearing their spouse speak about prior sexual escapades; this is a fantastic method to test your cuckold fetish.
As foreplay or during sex, males liked hearing about prior shags.
If you’re worried about jealousy, ask your spouse to make up a narrative.
You may then go on to real-life situations, such as fantastic sex she had with an ex — just select one you won’t quarrel over later.

Send your companion on a sex expedition and hear all the details when they return.
I used to visit a few people for spanking and BDSM, and my boyfriend would wait in the vehicle until I was done, bruised and ready to tell him all that occurred inside.
How much do you inform the third party about what’s happening?
Full transparency avoids a lot of difficulties later.
What if? If you continue, they may join.

You’ll need one more person and a lot of bravery to live out a cuckold dream.
I could tell you how your cuckold dream may go, but these interactions are as different as any other intercourse.

A brief search on-line reveals couples searching for ‘hot males in uniform,’ a ‘porn star cock,’ or a verbally aggressive dom top hunk who wants married couples to adore him.’
There are many couples that would want to have a cuckold.

Being pleasant and don’t get jizz on a stranger’s couch are standard threesome principles, but it’s also worth asking the couple how they see things going.
Will her spouse or boyfriend spectate?
Or will they recommend or direct action?
If you’re part of the cuckold pair, discuss all these things with your third before you start. There’s nothing more embarrassing than pitching in with recommendations like an eager threesome director if they wanted you to be quiet.

There are several methods to explore your obsession with cuckolding, if you have one.
From storytelling to cuckolding with a consenting third.
Cuckolding has an unpleasant past and an awkward present, but you don’t have to believe the questionable assumptions behind cuckold porn.
Follow the same guidelines as for any wonderful sex: good communication, mutual respect, and frequent checks to make sure you’re still having fun.
It’s more effort than purchasing a lottery ticket, but it may pay well.