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Visit Busty Mistress Ana for a beating

Mistress Ana’s talents

I’ve always been a naturally dominating woman, and I’ve spent my entire adult life working on growing the complexities of my BDSM talents with a variety of partners. Throughout my adult life, I’ve worked on developing the complexity of my BDSM talents.
Since the beginning of my memory, the BDSM scene has always had a very special place in my heart, and at this point, I have been an active participant in the BDSM community for well over a decade.
I have gained a wealth of expertise as a result of my work with my submissive slaves, which has contributed to my development into a well-respected and accomplished professional dominatrix.
I have gained a thorough understanding of the inner workings of what genuinely brings contentment and satisfaction to a submissive slave.

A higher level of respect

In the world of BDSM, I am accorded a higher level of respect, and I anticipate that the slaves who worship me will accord me the same level of respect in return.

I will gladly attend to the requirements of my submissive, but only on the condition that they acquiesce to each and every one of my whims and adore me in any way that I determine to be acceptable.

Because I enjoy maintaining a busy lifestyle, my interests are reflective of the fact that I am an active person.

She will kick the shit out of you

Kickboxing and horseback riding are my two favourite forms of physical activity.In point of fact, a submissive once stated to me that if I am able to exercise control over a horse that weighs one tonne, then I will be able to exercise control over him as well.And he is quite correct in saying so.

I enjoy my Black Dagger Sisterhood clothing, and whenever I get the opportunity, I like to try on some seductive corsets. PVC and other shiny clothing materials like leather are some of my favourites, and a couple of my favourite pieces of clothing also feature PVC or other shiny clothing materials.

You can always count on me to be fully dressed in fishnet stockings and high heels. I never let you down in that regard.I have a lot of pride in the fact that I constantly try to present the best version of myself.

Because this is a question that is regularly posed to me, allow me to elaborate on some of the BDSM tools and playthings that are among my favourites.

Mistress Ana’s Toys

It would be an understatement to say that I am madly in love with my paddles.In addition to that, I have recently acquired some brand new CBT toys and apparatus for smashing balls.One of my favourite things to play with is my strap-on.

When I use any of my implements, regardless of the activity that we are now engaged in, I do it with the intention that my submissive slave would be pleased by the adoring ecstasy that he shows toward me. This is the case regardless of which session we are in.

It gives me a tremendous deal of pleasure as a trained professional to hear my slave shout and groan in pain. I take great satisfaction in this.

Where we can play

I operate out of two magnificent Chambers.
The first location is in Easton, Bristol, and the second one can be found in Roath, Cardiff. Both of these spots offer off-street parking in highly discrete areas.

The chambers in Bristol are located in a private property that has been completely renovated, and they are not only fashionable but also very lovely.
It is an exclusive Femdomme environment.
The primary dungeon is home to a sizeable assortment of BDSM playthings and can be explored by the player.
that you will be able to locate a St. Andrew’s cross as well as spanking benches.
In addition, there is a majestic throne where you can get down on your knees and worship my lovely shoes and socks.

The dungeon is fitted with suspension equipment, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer bondage.
There is a certain location for sissification where you can undergo a complete metamorphosis into the slut that you already are.
In addition, there is a classroom section where all of the misbehaving boys and girls will be sent to receive their punishment.

Surprise Mistress, Ana and she will surprise you

I adore getting presents that take me by surprise.
Lingerie or perfume would be wonderful presents to receive from you if you genuinely care about making me happy.
In addition to that, I adore getting massages, using oils, lighting scented candles, and, of course, corsets, which are my absolute favourite.

You can contact me by using the booking form on my website, you can send me a message on WhatsApp, or you can send me a kind message via text.
I would love to talk with you, but please keep in mind that I have a lot going on right now and I just do not have the time to engage in a lengthy exchange of texts.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a respectable slave for me, you can continue reading this sentence.
Keep in mind the importance of being kind, polite, and respectful.

Mistress Ana

Why not check out my Mistress Elite profile and get in touch

The Return of Mistress Velda, Bristol and Glastonbury

Mistress Velda’s is BDSM world

My first taste of the BDSM world started when I became a fetish model.  I was always sexy and powerful looking and many people were intimidated by my looks, so becoming a MIstress was fate and the universe made it easy for me. 
Wearing stunning latex outfits and stilettos, I would attend many fabulous fetish clubs, balls and exhibitions.  Large crowds would always want to see me being deliciously cruel on centre stage.
During this period of time, I spent many years experimenting with my slaves. Presently I am fit and refreshed after taking a break and very much looking forward to dominating you.

Gift me

If you want to give me a gift to be in my favour, I do love sexy latex clothing in size 12, and beautiful stiletto heels in size 7. I would also appreciate cash store vouchers from M&S. of course Mistress also likes cold hard cash as a gift, the choice is yours if you aim to please. 

Mistress Velda’s private time

In my private time, I like to play hard as well as work hard. I enjoy nightlife, dancing,  fashion, vintage styling and performance art.  Keeping fit and toned is important to me so I like to swim and dance. The finer things in life make me happy like candlelit dinners and shopping sprees, especially buying lingerie, stockings, stilettos and anything kinky. Which gives me a thrill. 

Pink rebel

I am and have always been a rebel and this you can see in my look. What sets me apart is that I have had a wonderful journey full of experiences that have led me to where I am and how I feel today. I am mature and better-looking than I have ever been. I am like a fine and dominating is my pleasure.

Slutty little maid

If you are lucky enough to become my slave, I enjoy the rituals of getting dressed, shining the latex, the buckles the straps. The slave would be an obedient little slut maid. I would enjoy part or fully feminising my maid. The slave would be naked strapped up in bondage harnesses, gags and penis bondage ready for Mistress to do her bidding.

Kicking, squeezing, sitting and slapping

Another session style that I really enjoy is just using the sheer force of my body in many creative ways to dominate my slave. This would include kicking, squeezing, sitting and slapping it’s amazing how much there is without even picking up a toy.
My favourite type of slave is one who knows his place, follows instructions meticulously, and is clean and well-groomed. 

Mistress Velda’s Chambers

The chambers are located in a discreet residential location with free road parking outside.
Consists of a very well-equipped playroom, and luxury bathroom. 
Various large frames and cages, throne, whipping bench, bondage bed, harnesses and many BDSM toys.

If you want to know more about me, why don’t you see my profile with Mistress Elite or you can visit my website and get in touch


Sweet Mistress Cyn of Dallas

Sweet Mistress Cyn of Dallas
Open minded and free-spirited Dominatrix

I have always been an open-minded, free-spirited empath that truly loves helping people in creative ways.

My journey in the adult industry started in 1999. I was in between vanilla jobs and started out doing independent sensual massage, then, over the years added more and more different fetish offerings to my repertoire.

Self-taught in the art of BDSM

I never had a mentor. I learned everything first-hand on my own from simply being an astute listener to what people’s fetish needs are.

It has now evolved to where fetish is what I primarily do and massage/cuddling is now included in aftercare.

The fetish films of Sweet Mistress Cyn

I started producing fetish films in 2011, which is wonderfully entertaining for people to be able to watch my videos across the globe but also gives potential clients the ability to familiarize themselves with my style so they can take comfort in knowing I am very real, verifiable and experienced.

How to refer to your dominatrix?

Sweet Mistress Cyn, Miss Cyn or Mommy Cyn is the name I use for sessions. My video name is: Miss Katherine or Governess Katherine Worthington.
My clients know it is one in the same. I am not particular on which name to use, as people know me by both. People sometimes also sometimes refer to me as ma’am, mistress, miss, mommy.
This is all perfectly fine. What I don’t like is for potential clients that don’t know me to call me “babe” or for them to get things misconstrued that I am their submissive or we will be in an actual vanilla type, dating relationship.

That is something entirely different from what I am professionally offering. I am the driver of the car of a kinky, yet healing journey for my clients. They are my passenger.

I truly love to understand what makes my clients tick and to connect with them physically and emotionally. At the end of the day, my clients think of me as more their kinky therapist and it being a healing experience, keeping our time together in a separate, private little box – just as they would seeing any other provider like a massage therapist, doctor, or counsellor.

What BDSM means to Sweet Mistress Cyn?

BSDM is a style of play that requires good communication skills and TRUST for it to be the very best outcome.
Simply put, it is the creative art of a different type of play that many others in more “traditional/vanilla” play styles may not understand. Most of it is all the theatre of the mind.
BDSM is multi-faceted. There is a common misconception that it always involves strap-on play, whips and chains, wearing latex, leather &/or boundaries being violated where a person is just randomly beaten without consent. This could not be further from the truth. Activities are negotiated beforehand so both parties are playing within their boundaries, expectations and safewords are set.
There are many different styles of BDSM. I happen to have a very maternal approach. I am very much a caring MommyDomme/Disciplinarian/domestic domme/softcore type in every sense of the word.
A good top protects her bottom/sub. He is trusting her with his livelihood and safety. There are pro ladies that have many different styles, but at the end of the day, safety is key.

Beautiful and unique. The Dallas Dominatrix

I love to wear breathable, classy, Mommy Domme/disciplinarian-type clothing. Generally, it’s an upscale businesswoman or soccer Mom look but sometimes a bit bohemian/hippyish.
I like to wear satin button-up shirts and skirts, long flowing dresses, lace gowns & suit jackets with short skirts on underneath. Things that capture attention in a classy, upscale type of way. Most vanillas on the street would never guess I am “technically” a dominatrix.
My clients tell me they are very grateful for my look as it is very RELATEABLE for them.
I attract a lot of clients that want role play and to know they will be SAFE and protected. It’s easier for them to submit to & wrap their head around a Mommy or Boss scene if I look the part.

My favourite type of sessions

I only offer session offerings that I truly enjoy. If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it. I am a huge adrenaline junkie and love multi-hour sessions where I take Crossdressers and DL’s/ABDL’s and crossdressers out to play.
I know exactly where we can discreetly go & safely do what we need to do without negatively triangulating others.