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Actirasty – Here comes the sun


Actirasty - do you get turned on by the Sun?

Word of the day is ‘actirasty’ – arousal to the sun’s rays – and we are grateful to Dr Mark Griffiths for his erudite writings on this phenomenon.

Is seems that the sun causes the human body to make a hormone known as melanocyte stimulating hormeone (MSH) – and this induces humans – especially women – to want sex.

Releasing hormones

Two other key hormones are serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is the ‘feel good neurotransmitter’. The body produces more of it during spring and summer. In the winter by contrast the body produces more melatonin – and this lowers the sex drive.

So you can see why the warm spring weather causes the sap to rise. This applies even in the world of BDSM where Slave bobbie’s Mistress tells him she gets more calls once the weather warms up.

The Great Outdoors

This type of fetish is hardly controversial – particularly for practitioners of vanilla sex. Nudists and others readily embrace the concept of copulating under a bright blue sky. It’s clear their hormones have been activated by the empowering sun.

Slave bobbie is used to being dominated in a cold, dank, poorly-lit dungeon.

But even he fantasises about being dominated in the great outdoors with the sun beating down, warming his skin.

Unfortunately due to the paraphernalia required for a full-on BDSM session, it’s just not practical.

But imagine a private manor house with a great walled garden, safe from prying eyes, equipped with wooden benches. A garden populated by trees with stout trunks….…

The sun shines down on a scene of domination. Slave bobbie is spread-eagled, pegged to the turf, as his Mistress prepares to take a pee. Or he might be stretched out, secured to a tree trunk, ready to take a whipping. Or perhaps she has him on his hands and knees, a choke chain around his neck, as she prepares to walk him around the garden.

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