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Black mistress London Queen Ebowe Interview

black mistress

Black Mistress Queen Ebowe interview in London

I had always been naturally dominant and thought about trying BDSM. Friends suggested to me that I should. And – I loved it! Remembering my first time. My very first session was a strap-on session – and it was a very hot day. The slave came back the next week to tell me it was the best fuck he had ever had! He told me that I must have been a goddess in my former life. So, in time I became London and Nottingham’s Black Mistress Queenie Ebowe

Unique black mistress

Believe I am a unique black mistress. Offering something different within my sessions.I always think that a good session starts with respect. Always loving to get my slave into bondage, CBT, foot worship, CBT, public humiliation.

For example, when I was in Ireland a client wanted to dress up in female attire. We went to the mountains. We found cyclists in the mountains, so not such a quiet place. But I dressed him in a wig and mini skirt and tied him to a tree. He loved it so much he went to the same place the next day. And then sent me a photo to prove it!

An evil look on Mistress Ebowe‘s face

I love the feeling of getting into session-mode – if I can call it that. Always, I feel good especially when my slave has a high pain threshold – then we can really play. Confident and sadistic. My slave can tell when I am in a good session. It shows the evil look on my face and in my body language.

Two weeks ago, my foot-fetish slave was messing around too much. I told him: ” don’t forget own you – even in death. Your skin shall become my shoes and handbag.”

Black Mistress Ebowe’s outfits

The outfits I most like to play in are those that show off my beautiful, ebony black skin, which is attributed to my Scottish-English-Jamaican heritage.
I love to wear latex, leather, PVC – tight – to reveal my perfectly proportioned figure. I don’t need to wear a corset. Looking amazing in those materials.

I know many Mistresses have a favourite implement for CP but I do an amazing hand spanking. Slaves always compliment me on this.

In terms of location, I work from both London and Nottingham. It works out that I spend 1 week of every month in London.

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