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Boot fetish sessions with London Mistress

boot fetish

Boot fetish session with London mistress and slave Bobby

It seems that our slave Bobby enjoys many things kinky. The highlight of any session for him is the worshipping of boots. He certainly has a boot fetish and isn’t afraid to tell us about it.

We get to share a sample of a boot fetish session, which slave Bobby recently had with his London Mistress.

Starting the session

I kneel at her feet. I’m allowed a cushion as the laminate floor is hard on my knees, and she is a merciful mistress.

She sits on her throne and crosses her legs. She is wearing a rubber top, tight black riding trousers and black, thigh-length, PVC boots with 5 inch stiletto heels.

Without saying a word, she arches her eyebrows and points to her right foot, swinging gently in its crossed position.

Knowing his place

I know my place, my task. Also, I know my vocation.

Carefully, I salivate – and then with a tongue loaded with spit, I slobber over the toecap of her boot, carefully working my tongue into the stitching. The light in the dungeon is dim on the shiny black PVC – I cannot see all the dirt on the boat – but now I can taste it. The taste of silicon gel–based lubricant. And something else – nearly visible – a silver-gray half-congealed streak. It tastes slightly sweet.

The raunchiest cockney rasp

At last she speaks in that familiar raucous, cockney rasp. Her tone is matter-of-fact.

“They look filthy. Dunno what’s on there. All sorts, I expect. Just finished a session. Yeah”, she says calmly, ”the client came all over them. Couldn’t help himself. I managed to position my leg so it didn’t go on the floor, though. That’s the main thing – now get ‘em clean”.

Premature slave Bobby

I realize now that the streak is cum. Imagining his balls emptying their load of hot spermatozoa over her legs, and then dying off in the quickest-cooking liquid as it solidifieds. Now, it is my job to clean up. I used to retch at the thought of taking on this task – but now it is a daily routine. She has trained me since my novice days – persuaded me that this was my vocation – and I accept it – my enthusiasm instilled by her whip.

As we know, lots of the body’s nerve endings are in the feet, supposedly about 7000. The brain areas associated with genitalia and feet are adjacent to each other on the brain’s body image map. It has been asserted that boot fetishes might result from cross wiring in the brain between the foot and the genital parts.

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