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Coulrophilia – Clown fetish

Coulrophilia clown fetish

Coulrophilia – I should coco

Coulrophilia, in my opinion is certainly a strange one. A fetish for clowns! It’s peculiar because it derives from cases and courses that are many and varied indeed

It seems that what underpins this are several other fetishes, picked up from childhood onwards. And, some case-histories show that this applies to women too.

Large noses and baggy trousers

Some people get off on the large noses or the baggy trousers. Others enjoy the chucking of buckets of slime or cream pies.

It could be the hair. Maybe, those ridiculous bunches growing out from the sides or the white kabuki-style face make up. Or, is it the crosses for eyes and the ping-pong ball for a nose ?Perhaps it’s the outsize boots with exaggerated toecaps.

Humiliation Coulrophilia

People who have fetishes for all sorts of things find that the clown outfit and clown activities provide a focal point that draws everything together.

Another theory is that being laughed at while dressed as a clown plays into the masochistic desire for humiliation.

Certainly it’s difficult to imagine a Domme or a Master inflicting punishment while wearing ill-fitting clothes. Slave bobbie wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A fear response

Remember the ‘creepy clown’ craze that took off around Halloween time last year? I suppose if you fear or are feared in a particular outfit. Then, it must inspire a BDSM response in some individuals.

The website BoingBoing has a report about pornhub which reports a 213% surge in searches for clown porn – with women doing 33% more of the searching than men.

Fusion has an interesting item about clown dating. If you want a clown date (yes – we’ve all had one of those) why not try

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