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Crush fetish

crush fetish

Have you got a crush on me? - Crush fetish

I mean is that a hard-Crush fetish or a soft-Crush fetish? And so we enter the world of crushing, where people get of watching things (e.g. food or insects being crushed.

Wiki definition of soft-crush refers to food or insects, arachnids, arthropods, i.e invertebrates. Hard-crush as you might imagine refers to live vertebrate animals further up the evolutionary scale and is illegal in many jurisdictions.

hard-crush beyond the pale.

The problem for the crush fetishist – let’s just assume for the purposes of this discussion that it’s just food – berries or tomatoes. The choice is: do you want to see Mistress’ naked feet doing this or would you prefer her in stilettos or boots?

A woman’s foot crushing down

It’s just that crushing takes us in so many directions. For slave Bobbie it has to be thigh-high with 6 inch stilettos. Now which direction do you want to go? He is not too keen on insect-crushing – and remember he will have to clear it up afterwards. So let’s go for food. Next – sole or heel? A sole bearing down on a fat tomato with gradually increasing force will likely produce a spectacular effect. Or should it be heel? That would be much more vividly phallic – and now – and now – She wants to do it to slave Bobbie’s testicles !!! oh no !!!

Sole versus cock

I forgot to tell you – slave bobbie is flat on his back with splayed legs, pegged out securely to the floor! He can see her shiny, booted legs in a tall mirror! The sole of her boot finds his cock…..the heel rests on his balls…he can see the leg moving up and down almost imperceptibly…. But he can feel a pain building in his balls…’s aaaaarghh

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