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Just what does it mean when someone is called a cuckold?

The idea of the cuckold pervaded English culture until the Victorian era.
Cuckold is derived from the Old French cucuault, which was used to describe people in the late Middle Ages.
The cuckoo’s penchant for using another bird’s nest to hatch its eggs is where the word “cuckoo” comes from.
The term “cuckold” was once used to describe the husband of an unfaithful wife, and it carried with it a heavy stigma.
A man’s inability to exert authority over his wife or his impotence was implied.

Explaining the Horns’ Mysterious Meaning

Cuckolding was traditionally represented by a pair of ram’s horns.
Horns, which are employed during the mating season while the animal is fighting its adversary, have traditionally been connected with the animal’s strength, power, and superiority, as well as its reproductive vitality.

The powdered rhinoceros horn is still sold in Asia as an aphrodisiac, and horns are utilised symbolically by several modern societies.
As contemporary readers, we must realise that the horns were associated with Satan and that their very mention was rife with sexual innuendo.
The horn’s hollow inside and protruding exterior represent both the male and female reproductive systems.

What does Cuckolding mean today?

Cuckolding fantasy

Cuckolding fantasy

A cuckolding fetish is a guy’s attraction to his wife or girlfriend sleeping with someone else. Is this your worst nightmare? Many people seem to think quite the opposite.

According to Google Trends, the UK is second only to the Netherlands in cuckolding searches.

Why is cuckold so popular?

As with any sexual desire, it’s impossible to pinpoint a reason, but researchers say sexual jealousy may be biological.

Witnessing your wife with someone else may excite you so you might ‘beat’ their sperm for fertilisation. This fantasy has been around as long as marriage and sexuality

Some people say that biological theories of fetishes can’t explain how social and cultural factors can affect quirks.

Additionally, we can take into consideration that the forbidden aspect – adultery is a sin – may be part of its appeal.

Justin Lehmiller polled thousands of Americans and found that 58% of males and a third of women have considered cuckolding.
“Men are more prone to fantasise about cuckolding, and they do it more often, but some women do too.

In a culture that idealises monogamy, the cuckold dream is a current story.

Cuckold, the dangers of nonconsenting couples

For some individuals, having a spouse who gets turned on by me shagging other people is like winning the lotto. But you have to take into consideration the other side of the story also.  I am in contact with many professional BDSM mistresses all over the United Kingdom.  And some of these are beautiful and very talented. Individuals have been offered by their significant others to take part in Cuckolding scenarios. I can tell you, without any shadow of a doubt that this has led to a relationship breakdown. 

Whilst the husband has an ideal and very graphic sexual fantasy of the partner, being with another man. The woman on the other hand certainly does not.  This can be a dealbreaker in some situations leading to very complicated sexual relationships.  Ultimately, this conflict of interests could and does lead to relationship breakdowns.  It’s very important to make sure that you enter into this specific fantasy scenario with both parties being absolutely 100% on board with every and all ramifications, which may occur.

Finding a partner who gets turned on by Cuckolding

Cuckolding fantasy

Cuckolding fantasy

You don’t need a poorly-spelt online advertisement post to gratify a cuckolding passion.
Some individuals get off on hearing their spouse speak about prior sexual escapades; this is a fantastic method to test your cuckold fetish.
As foreplay or during sex, males liked hearing about prior shags.
If you’re worried about jealousy, ask your spouse to make up a narrative.
You may then go on to real-life situations, such as fantastic sex she had with an ex — just select one you won’t quarrel over later.

Send your companion on a sex expedition and hear all the details when they return.
I used to visit a few people for spanking and BDSM, and my boyfriend would wait in the vehicle until I was done, bruised and ready to tell him all that occurred inside.
How much do you inform the third party about what’s happening?
Full transparency avoids a lot of difficulties later.
What if? If you continue, they may join.

You’ll need one more person and a lot of bravery to live out a cuckold dream.
I could tell you how your cuckold dream may go, but these interactions are as different as any other intercourse.

A brief search on-line reveals couples searching for ‘hot males in uniform,’ a ‘porn star cock,’ or a verbally aggressive dom top hunk who wants married couples to adore him.’
There are many couples that would want to have a cuckold.

Being pleasant and don’t get jizz on a stranger’s couch are standard threesome principles, but it’s also worth asking the couple how they see things going.
Will her spouse or boyfriend spectate?
Or will they recommend or direct action?
If you’re part of the cuckold pair, discuss all these things with your third before you start. There’s nothing more embarrassing than pitching in with recommendations like an eager threesome director if they wanted you to be quiet.

There are several methods to explore your obsession with cuckolding, if you have one.
From storytelling to cuckolding with a consenting third.
Cuckolding has an unpleasant past and an awkward present, but you don’t have to believe the questionable assumptions behind cuckold porn.
Follow the same guidelines as for any wonderful sex: good communication, mutual respect, and frequent checks to make sure you’re still having fun.
It’s more effort than purchasing a lottery ticket, but it may pay well.

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