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Derby Mistress Interview Vivienne l’Amour

Derby Mistress

Interview with Derby Mistress Vivienne L'amour professional dominatrix

A highlight of my latest trip to the north was an invitation from Derby Mistress, Miss Vivienne L’amour. We arranged to meet at her place of residence a magnificent converted mill. Just 10 minutes off the M1 motorway. I was invited to park my car in the designated visitors’ parking spot until Miss Vivienne L’amour arrived to greet me just minutes afterwards.

A young dominatrix

Miss Vivienne L’amour is just 22 years old. Yet, she carries the voice of experience and conveys an air of security with her presence. At a single glance from her beautiful eyes will let you know that you must not cross her. Her voice is soft and sultry. Laced with menace.

Trial and error

I asked Derby Mistress, Miss Vivienne.  What made her different from any other mistress. ”I have been a professional mistress for 2 ½ years. I have never had a mentor and all my experience has developed through trial and error. I have learnt many lessons along the way in my very own experimental style.

I can sensually dominate my slaves. Many men don’t know what they want. There are many ways of giving pain, both mental and physical.” Miss Vivienne went on, “I always have with me, a bag of sissy clothing, make-up and wigs.

I am a lifestyle kinkster. There is nothing better than to dress up my slaves, humiliate them and stick things up their arses. I have a new toy, a horsetail to stick up my slaves. . I put the saddle and harness on and ride them around my dungeon. I enjoy puppy play with games and rewards and watching my slaves cleaning things with their tongues.”

Derby Mistress clothing

I further asked Miss Vivienne,”What do you like to wear?”

“Green, I love green,  preferably latex. I also love leather and pretty dresses”. What makes Vivienne L’amour tick, I asked? “I love fast cars and motorbikes. You can often find me bent over the hood of a German motor car, fixing the engine. I also like to gamble, I really like to live life on the edge.” Miss Vivienne also likes to read. “I have enjoyed reading traditional classics but currently, I am reading the renowned erotic classic, The Story of O by Pauline Réage.


The dungeon

The main dungeon room has an impressively high ceiling with the original beams of which Miss Vivienne L’amour makes the most, with many forms of suspension. These include a climbing harness, ropes, hammock and a sex swing. Mock hangings are performed from the high beams and are guaranteed to make you cum.

The room retains the original large windows. You would expect to find in a an old mill. Whilst being very private with blackout curtains partially covering the window, they still let in lots of light.  Unusually, there is a coffin in the room along with a spanking barrel, CBT gallows, St Andrew’s cross and bamboo rods. These are used for Shibari and Kimbaku (Japanese bondage).  Derby Mistress, Miss Vivienne L’amour frequently entertains sissy boys. You can find a large collection of high heels and wigs. She also has a queening chair where she pisses on her slaves.

Medical room

The second room is a medical room and comes complete with an examination table with a cage underneath. All the equipment is bespoke and has a mediaeval feel about it. As well as needle and electric play Miss Vivienne L’amour also offers hypnosis and nitrous gas. If you like latex vacuum beds, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of bespoke instruments and tools with which Miss Vivienne L’amour enjoys playing and which I guarantee, you will not have seen before.

Do you work with any one else? I asked. “Mistress Vixen joins me on occasion, T-girl, Melisa Longhorn, Syro the gimp and a masochist.”

Turn on Derby mistress

“What turns you on?”

“Respect and punctuality. I ask for all my tributes to come in a signed card.  I like mementoes from my slaves. Willingness and acceptance and doing something to the best of their ability. I am a masochist at heart and by my slaves receiving pain I will let them cum and if they are really good to me I will allow them to make me cum, in my clothes. The more you please me by serving me the more I’m willing to please you. This is a safe, discreet house and I make my slaves feel at home here.”

Strict mistress

I asked Miss Vivienne, “How strict are you?”

“If a slave crosses me in a session they will be punished and in a way that they really don’t want to be. You will know when you’ve fucked up with just a look from me.”

If you are considering a visit to Miss Vivienne L’amour, the trip is only two hours from London and 1 ½ hours from Leeds by car.  You can get a direct train from Manchester, London or Leeds to Sheffield train station which is only 10 minutes away. Overnight stays are also possible if you fancy spending the evening in the medical room cage.

To contact Miss Vivienne L’amour send a respectful text with what you expect, also your limits, fantasies and previous experience. Don’t expect a response if you are rude and do not be unduly insistent.


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