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Double Dom, Forced- bi with Mistress Gia and Master Steve

Double Doming sessions Mistress Gia

Double Dom and forced bi sessions with Mistress Gia and Master Steve.

I’ve always provided Forced Bi sessions, but it’s only recently that I’ve decided to advertise after finding the ideal candidate to work alongside me.

It was a real surprise for Me, when Master Steve, one of the other martial arts instructors at my academy, offered to be My BDSM partner while I was looking for a reliable professional male Dom.

A BDSM match made in heaven.

Master Steve and I have been friends for a long time and we have a great, professional relationship in our fight academy.

Not only is He incredibly hot, but He is also professional and knows how to throw a punch, which excites me.

As a professional and licenced Instructor, I know He can cause serious damage if He wants to, I’m also sure that He won’t seriously or permanently damage any of My submissives during our BDSM sessions, yet He’s more than capable of safely using a serious amount of power.

All sessions are controlled by Myself, of course, Mistress Gia.

Our Domme and Dom sessions together are incredibly exciting. I know I have complete control, not only over My submissive but over a strong and powerful professional like Master Steve.

My sessions are controlled by Me and Master Steve is my right-hand man. He is here to do anything to my submissive that I wish. 

Both myself, Mistress Gia, and Master Steve find our Double Domming sessions incredibly funny.

We love to see our tied-up submissive struggle and squirm to get out of his or her restraints and maybe their ball gag. However, neither one of us is going to let this happen, and this gives us an immense sensation of pleasure and control. This is something that we both share.

I do believe that Master Steve, being a professional martial arts instructor, takes great pleasure in torturing our submissives and it’s one of the very few scenarios where we will not get prosecuted.

Out of your comfort zone.

Master Steve is younger than I am by a few years. This is evident by his fantastic stamina. It’s great to watch him fuck the face of an unsuspecting submissive when He’s being forced to open his mouth by Me and have Masters Steve’s full, hard length inserted.

This makes me happy because I manage to get those pathetic men who are not interested in any kind of homosexual activity to do exactly what I want them to do. I need to see My submissive pushed as far out of his or her comfort zone as possible because this gives me an immense sense of power and achievement.

It really was a wonderful surprise to see what was hidden behind my kickboxing companion of 20 years’ protective box under his kickboxing shorts too. Bonus!

Master Steve is dominant and has a great physique; He is masculine with strong legs and a lovely upper body. He has a very sexy beard and a serious face.

Don’t let his stern looks deceive you, though. Master Steve is fun throughout. Every one of My Domme and Dom sessions with the Master is a pleasure to attend. His energy is tangible. I love his pure lust for fun and excitement.

Gay for pay Master Steve

By the way, Master Steve is straight and does not play with guys under any circumstances unless directed to by me, Mistress Gia.

In our Forced-Bi and Domme & Dom sessions, He enjoys exploring His sexuality and pushing those kinky boundaries out a little further every time. I love it when Master Steve surprises me.

Firstly, the submissive who is applying must have an open mind. They must be willing to have their sexual fetish boundaries pushed and explored. That sense of anticipation and anxiety is extreme in these Domme and Dom sessions.

The submissive, once they apply and are successful in securing a session with Mistress Gia and Master Steve, has to know what they have let themselves in for.

The sessions are erratic, scary, and daunting and will leave a traumatic scar on their pathetic little brains. This is a scenario that you shouldn’t even consider unless you are willing to be mentally and emotionally damaged.

To learn more about Me and the sessions that I offer, you can either visit My website or visit My profile with Mistress Elite.

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