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Erotic, colonic hydrotherapy By the matron, Cornwall

Colonic hydrotherapy the Matron

Erotic BDSM colonic hydrotherapy is the speciality of The matron, professional dominatrix, Cornwall Mistress.

We wanted to find out a little bit more about this very specific BDSM service which the matron of Cornwall offers.

What is erotic colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy treatment is performed to cleanse not just the rectum ( which enemas do ) but to cleanse the large intestine, and the bowel.

During the procedure, approximately 15 gallons of water are used. Over the years of practice, I’ve discovered that my gentlemen benefit not only from the medical side effects of receiving treatment but also from the actual erotic sensations experienced while being slowly filled up with warm water while completely giving up control of their bowel function. Matron sits just below your rectum, her left hand holding the speculum and her right hand controlling the flow of water.

Squeezing the waste tube to sometimes block the outward flow of water and waste gives the patient that immense sexual feeling of not only being full but being at the mercy of someone who takes over control of your bowel movements. To help with your release, a tummy massage is performed, and I often stroke the penis to help you relax.

Laying naked on a medical plinth and being told to hold the water is a total power exchange and erotic humiliation, all while knowing you’re in good gentle hands.

A specialist in colonic hydrotherapy

Most of my patients’ interests are anally related, and for obvious reasons. Having an empty bowel enables my patients to feel more relaxed whilst I tilt back the gynae chair with legs spread apart, although, for those patients who are into SCATOLOGY ( SCAT), other positions are available.

The matrons preferred equipment

When I began my training for colonic hydrotherapy in 1997, I was taught using a gravity tank method, which I used for several years until I was fortunate enough to purchase a state-of-the-art machine, which sadly malfunctioned and had to be scrapped. This was followed by yet another swanky machine. This also was useless, so from that time onwards I have returned to something called a gravity tank, which is sort of a Heath Robinson design and never fails, and I have such faith in the old-fashioned system.

Finding out more about colonic hydrotherapy from the matron

Most of my patients have never had a full colonic treatment, but they have all had enemas, and it is always exciting to introduce them to the procedure.

Aside from the erotic sexual experience of a colonic, they leave happy to have tried something new and with a smile on their faces. And, they find themselves making another appointment, which is always a warm feeling to know that I have introduced something new and pleasurable. My patients are a brave bunch of gentlemen!

A popular BDSM practice

It’s actually been around for centuries with drawings on the tombs in Egypt. The belief is that cleansing the colon improves health by removing toxins. Boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.

Although I have never performed a treatment on a vanilla patient, only during my training. I thoroughly enjoy dominance and total control over a gentleman’s bowel movements, but I also hope that when they leave the clinic, they feel the benefits listed above, as well as memories of Matrons’ gentle hands exploring their bodies and taking complete control.

Why is colonic hydrotherapy a popular BDSM practice?

I actually do not think that colonic hydrotherapy is a popular BDSM practice. It is a service that I have adapted to suit gents who are interested in SCAT or who are eager to try something different or in a different environment.

Having a vanilla colonic treatment can obviously be erotic but that is certainly not allowed. You would be asked to leave the premises. But since males cannot control their sexual feelings whilst receiving certain treatments, including massage.

It is good to know there is a practitioner who not only performs the treatment but enjoys it enormously and performs erotic movements during the procedure and encourages you to ” let go” and not be thinking of England How on earth can a man totally relax during a massage when an erection is imminent and then spend all the time thinking of how to prevent the penis from growing? It ruins the whole experience.

I always feel that the best feedback is from the patient who makes another appointment, which tells me that Matron is doing a fine job!

If you would like to find out more about my erotic colonic hydrotherapy sessions, then feel free to contact me

Can find out about the other services I provide by visiting my website

lynn October 19, 2022 |

Yes. Mistress I would love to learn more about your erotic colonic hydrotherapy sessions

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