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Formicophilia - Creepy crawlies on your genitals. Does this turn you on?

Formicophiles. Those who are turned on by being in close contact with the creatures of the insect kingdom. Furthermore, those who are attracted to arachnids and arthropods.

Strictly speaking, formicophilia refers specifically to ants. But, has come to mean any creeping thing. Slave Bobbie thinks ants are probably the easiest to manipulate. Additionally, once you have found a colony likely to be the most rewarding. Wikipedia has this.

A sweet proboscis

After all, to get the most out of this thrill. Firstly, you strip naked, smear your genitals with honey. Secondly you, then plonk yourself down next to an anthill and enjoy the party.

Those who take an interest in these things will realise; its easier to experience this kind of sexual experience in a country where domestic insect manifestations are commonplace. So, that’s probably somewhere warm, and probably somewhere in the 3rd world.

Check out this website – I dare you to refrain from saying OMG.

Amongst the documented cases. One involved a man who derived pleasure from cockroaches crawling on his thighs. Also, snails on his nipples, and a frog that was desperately trying to escape from the cuddle of his penis.

He derived no pleasure from normal sexual activity. Hmmm. If you’re interested in some relevant artwork check this out.

Busy bee

If you’re really up for something edgy, then try Creepy-Crawlies. Formicophilia and Bees. Trap the bees in a jar (make sure you don’t damage them). Then, when you have accumulated a few. Then,  agitate the jar to disorientate the bees. Ultimately, you insert your penis into the jar. The trick is to get the bees to sting the shaft of the penis, not the glans. Of course, the bees will die. But, they will have assured pleasure for your partner as the girth of the penis will increase by up to 50%  and lasts into a second day.

How would you feel about enhancing your dimensions this way?

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