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Human furniture

human furniture

Human furniture or forniphilia- Love seats!

The scientific name of this interesting fetish is forniphilia. A website run by Jeff Gord specializes in this type of play. Sadly Jeff passed away in 2013, but others have continued to develop his themes. It’s worth reviewing tumblr for some interesting photos here

Slave Bobbie is intrigued to see that in most cases. The furniture pieces are women. However, some UK mistresses offer this service:

Physical fitness

Slave Bobbie would make the observation that if you want to successfully be a piece of human furniture. You had better be physically fit. A male slave who wants to spend the whole session on the floor impersonating a lilo; is of limited utility to his mistress. Yes, it’s good to be a footstool for her but that’s the easy part.

Much better to go to the gym so that muscle strength can be built up.

Toned arms, legs, stomach and back muscles enable the body to be contoured into a chair. Really, you need to be strong enough to take the weight of the Mistress when she sits on you. Or a table so that Mistress can use it on which to rest objects.

A good slave will practise taking up furniture positions when he is not with his Mistress and time himself to see how long he can sustain the discomfort

Real pleasure for the slave comes from knowing that even though he is completely stationary, he is performing a service for his Mistress.

BDSM Sculpture

If you want to see a truly original and exciting BDSM sculpture. Then, I refer you to the work of Allen Jones.
His 1969 work says it all. It certainly appeals to slave Bobbie, featuring as it does lifesize mannequins in various poses as furniture.

Check out Hatstand, Table and Chair . Then, work out how you can best serve your Mistress.

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