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Kent Mistress Carly Interview

kent mistress carly

Exclusive interview with Mistress Carly of Kent

Kent Mistress Carly is a beautiful pro-domme based in the countryside close to Ashford in Kent, which is easily accessible by motorway or railway. She offers both indoor and outdoor play spaces.

With a career that commenced in adult media she made the decision to progress to BDSM. In her own words:


Kent Mistress Carly – a bossy bitch

I guess I am something of a bossy Bitch who has always liked to be in control, especially in the bedroom! and so it was a natural progression for Me to venture into the world of BDSM. Firstly, attended some fetish parties in London with friends and very much. Having, enjoyed submissive males obviously desperate to worship Me and do anything I asked of them.

I was then taken under the wing of a very well-known Mistress (now retired) who I helped with sessions in her playroom where I learned many skills until i was ready to set up on My own. Now I pretty much live as a lifestyle Domme, sessions most days and often having naked domestic servants in attendance at My home to wait on and work for Me.

Kent Mistress Carly enjoys her time with regular submissives

Kent Mistress Carly finds being in total control of a naked male who will do anything I order him to. This is certainly to be a very stimulating experience. For Me, it is a definite sexual buzz to have a male’s mind and body at My total disposal. To use and abuse them in any way I choose.

I love the fact that there are so many different aspects to the Fem-Dom world to explore and no two sessions (or slaves) are ever the same. The best sessions are those with subs who have served Me on a regular basis, as then a rapport can be built-up whereby we both get to know one another’s preferences and I enjoy taking a slave to his limit – and perhaps occasionally extending those limits if I feel the time and mood is right to do so.

Certainly ‘out there’ with regard to her own sexuality

Kent Mistress Carly is  an extremely sexual woman, so there is a definite sexual element to all of My sessions. I find it a definite turn-on to have complete power over a naked male who will invariably be erect in my presence as seems to be the case! Loving to be in control and enjoy exerting the power over submissive males that My sexuality and My highly desirable body afford Me.

I can be kind and understanding to a slave’s needs and wishes. Equally, I delight in giving free reign to My cruel and wicked streak! In short, I’m a conundrum – a deliciously complicated enigma for any slave to wonder at how to serve and satisfy in order to win My favour.

And this is what makes her different from other dominatrices – if you read on you’ll think: “How refreshing!”

Twisting that desire

“The fact that Kent Mistress Carly is a Domme who sees it as her right to utilise her slaves’ bodies for her own sexual pleasure and satisfaction! Most Mistresses do not include any type of sexual activity within the structure of their sessions. I fully respect their choice not to do so. However, My power over men is derived from the fact that I know they desire Me sexually (their erections make that plainly obvious!) 

I delight in twisting that desire and teasing and turning it on them; until they are squirming, desperate for sexual release. I will make them endure any pain or punishment just for the merest possibility that I might allow them to pleasure Me with their tongue or have Me use their erection for My pleasure (and of course, Mistress always cums first!)”

Her fetish outfits are many and varied.

“I have an extensive fetish wardrobe to cater for all tastes and occasions from skin-tight latex, through leather PVC, plus uniforms, corsets and classy lingerie. I’ve a penchant for minimalist outfits that show off My gym-fit body and My personal favourite attire is seamed stockings and suspenders with spike-heeled stilettos – and nothing else!

I also have a number of topless corsets that show off My big firm breasts to their very best and I also have a long white (fake) fur coat that I enjoy wearing for sessions in my secluded outdoor play-space whilst totally naked underneath.”

What Mistress objects to

“Turn-offs for Me are poor hygiene and people who seek to ‘top from the bottom’ (i.e: direct Me as to what they expect to take place during a session to match their own tastes and requirements – that is not Domination! Whilst I am quite open to suggestions as to what a slave may enjoy taking place during a session, I’m not a ‘hooker-with-a-whip’ who just carries out whatever they may wish me to.”

Opposite effect

“Conversely, I particularly find intimate worship or ‘Queening’ (face-sitting) to be a real turn-on and of course it is the whole power-trip of having a male naked and helpless in my domain, totally willing to do or suffer anything that I may dream-up just to please Me that is a wonderfully potent aphrodisiac!”

Evidence of Control

“The fact that slaves are obviously under My spell is often adequately demonstrated by the fact that they will generally be sporting a huge erection in My presence and often tremble at the prospect of what is about to happen to them. An unerring will to obey My every command and the deep-rooted desire to please Me are giveaways that it is I who wields complete power over them of course. As to how this makes Me feel – well who wouldn’t enjoy having another person at their total mercy, to do with whatever they desire. It’s a huge turn-on knowing that they will suffer any punishment just to hear Me laugh and offer their body for Me to use purely for My own personal pleasure and satisfaction.”

The path for slaves who dare

“An initial appointment would begin with the slave being interviewed during which I will delve into their likes, dislikes, previous experiences, darkest fantasies and agree any limits that we will session within. Then I will instruct them to strip naked in front of Me ready for inspection.

Once totally naked they will be cuffed to a chain hanging from a large beam so that I may inspect their body (especially their penis) at My leisure whilst asking them extremely intimate questions about their sexual habits. Once I’m ready, I will fit a leather slave collar to them and a lead. They will be led into My playroom where the session proper will start.

I’ll  usually secure them naked to My St Andrews cross initially so that I can establish the rules.  I now own them totally and that they must obey all and any command that I may give them. And then…who knows where we shall venture into the wild and wonderful world of BDSM!”

Code of behaviour

The code of behaviour for a slave is clearly laid down. So, if a slave wishes to avoid punishment, he needs to bear in mind the following advice:

“Quite simply by striving to please Me at all times and carrying out all and every instruction that I may give without complaint and to the best of their ability. However, I accept only the very highest standards of devotion and obedience, so matching up to My expectations can be a tall order!”

The transgressive slave

But if a slave does transgress, punishment can be varied, as she explains that she spends much time thinking up methods of punishment.

“I am a highly creative and imaginative person. I have an honours degree in Fine Art.  so I delight in dreaming up all manner of wicked ways to tease and torment My slaves! Of course, I have a huge selection of apparatus available in my playroom to inflict all manner of painful punishments. Finding it such a power-trip to make a stupid slave squeal.

Traditional chastisement

I’m expert at inflicting traditional chastisement with My collection of whips, crops and floggers. My particular favourite is electrics and I have invested in an eclectic range of equipment to indulge this particular penchant. Suffice to say that My electro-strap-on (which can administer electric shocks directly into a slave’s anus as I fuck him with it) certainly sees plenty of action on a regular basis!”

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