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Kent Mistress Lady Godiva Interview

Kent Mistress lady Godiva

Kent Mistress Lady Godiva exclusive interview on Mistress elite

We interviewed Lady Godiva and began by asking what did BDSM mean to her. She guided me to her blog, and this extract is transcribed from it.

BDSM meaning


“Even the letters BDSM mean different things to different people. Some say it’s strictly ‘bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism’, while others insist the D is for dominance and the S for submission.


Kent Mistress Lady Godiva does not feel it really matters all that much, as BDSM seems to have become a word in its own right. Reference to BDSM is fairly commonplace these days, even more so since the recent popularity of ’50 Shades of Grey‘ in today’s mainstream society.

BDSM is delicious

To Me BDSM is a delicious combination of many things, all wrapped up in a spicy electric blanket of fun, it’s all things kink…. Whatever that means to anyone. For some that means an occasional buttocks spank while making love; while for others it’s being locked naked and alone in a dark cell for hours, after a cruel beating.

Kent Mistress lady Godiva is limitless

Kent Mistress Lady godiva see’s it as truly limitless, an infinite expanse of imagination and human consciousness. But to Me most of all it’s fun. I do love a sense of humour and rapport with My clients , even if this just in the pre-session chat, but I have also had many occasions where all that can be heard is laughter from both/all of us. Being too serious, just for the sake of it isn’t what it’s all about to Me.

Different strokes for different folks. Something that makes one person reel back in horror, is the ultimate pleasure to another. Take foot fetish and foot worship, for instance. Some people cannot abide anyone touching their feet, or worse still the thought of touching someone else’s.

Worship my feet

Yet for a huge percentage of people, foot worship is something they have craved and obsessed about since very early childhood. They may not necessarily refer to it as ‘fun’, but certainly a very pleasurable experience indeed. Sacred moments when they feel truly at service to their Mistress.

Mainstream vanilla

Mention ‘ballbusting’ to most people and they wince at the mere thought… be they male or female. Whereas this is a very popular kink with online forums and interest groups worldwide. I’m sure there are fare more mainstream ‘vanilla’ types that would really enjoy it, if only they allowed themselves to try.

Much more to learn

However much I already know about BDSM, as with everything in life. There is always so much more to learn. That really keeps the whole thing alive for Me. I’ve always enjoyed learning new skills and expanding My experiences, and love hearing about unusual kinks and interests. I particularly enjoy the part I play in enabling someone to live their dreams.

A dynamic Dom

So what is it? It’s the dynamic between Domme/Dom and sub (D/s) which must be respected and tended well, in order for it to flourish. It’s the skipped heartbeat and sparkle in the eye when the playroom door opens; the anticipation and yearning that comes from whispering your interests to an understanding ‘other’. And it’s the feeling of completeness when you know that you have been true to yourself.”

Lady Godiva describes herself as quite simply the real deal.

What sets you apart from other mistresses?

“All My life Kent Mistress has put her heart and soul into everything I do. Time and time again, I find that other people’s expectations are far lower than My own. When I decide to do something I aim high and focus on the job at hand. No mistakes; no messing up.

Sessions are the same for Me. Although I really do like to allow things to take a natural course rather than being too prescriptive, especially with a new client, I am thorough with My research and leave no stone unturned. If you request a role-play session, rest assured I will know My part well. 

Such a let down

I will be using the correct terminology and processes to make the role-play come to life. If I am an interrogation officer, I really will know the best ways to make you talk. I’ll  get into the role so much that even I believe it is a reality. I find it so disappointing when someone didn’t really want something authentic after all. Such a let down. What a waste. I love to totally get into the role and see what happens.

Not just dress up a little bit and be really fake. I hate bad acting and some Mistresses sound like they are reading their lines for the first time. It’s embarrassing! I can instantly switch the role the moment the session begins. You will feel as though you’ve stepped into another dimension.”

These words were delivered with passion and heartfelt conviction. She continued,

“It seems that every interest I’ve had is relevant to My life as a Kent Mistress. From a child I’ve been a keen horse rider, competing in events and training horses. I now totally love pet-play and pony training sessions.

My years of martial arts training and Thai boxing has brought the kicking, punching and wrestling I love so much, into My sessions. More combat skills have come from My years of battle re-enactment, where I fought with broadswords and axes, wearing chain mail and other warrior gear. I totally love dressing up and playing the part.

Corsets and risky clothing

I can’t even begin to tell you how many years I wore corsets and other risqué clothing to pubs, clubs and vanilla events, where no one else dressed that way at all. The urge was so strong I just had to do it, despite any ridicule. I didn’t care whether it was acceptable or not. Now I go to clubs where everyone is dressed that way, which is great, but I wonder how many would do it if they were going out alone. I did! Even at the age of 15.

Another thing I find that sets Me apart from other Kent Mistress is that I don’t really care for set rules and regulations. There seem to be so many, oh you mustn’t do this, and oh you must do that, sort of thing. I had someone ask Me just the other day, “is eye contact OK Mistress?”

A good and perfectly understandable question. My answer was that I had no set rules about it and let’s see how it fits in with the session. I don’t fear eye contact. I don’t find it challenging. I can feel strong when someone is staring at Me.

I don’t care if they stare

I don’t care and I will stare back. The eye contact is not the issue. The dynamics and behaviors are the issue. As long as these align, the eye contact is irrelevant. The session ensued and eye contact was maintained. It felt fine for Me and worked very well in the session. Although the sub made very strong eye contact with Me, I could tell immediately that it was because he found it very erotic, not because he was trying to challenging Me in any way.

I had no problem with it, and in fact welcomed it for what it was, but I could see that anyone not comfortable in their own skin would have felt very uncomfortable indeed being ‘stared at’ by this sub. He wasn’t staring at Me at all, he was merely engaging in intense eye contact with Me….very different indeed. I think the session could have gone very differently with someone either less experienced or less comfortable in themselves. Again, I say, I am the real deal. Deal with it.

Looks of Kent Mistress lady Godiva

What would you say is Lady Godiva’s iconic look? How do you use makeup?

Kent Mistress“This is the hardest question of all. There are so many looks that I like.

I’ll start with the warrior look. This has been a firm favourite of Mine for a very, very long time. I love nature and wild things. I love combat too… did I mention that already? It’s how I feel much of the time. It’s natural hair – long and blonde… did I also mention that My hair color is totally natural? People don’t often believe Me, but it is.

There is no dye, bleach or anything on My hair. The colour is totally and utterly natural. Just how it comes; straight from My head. Anyway…natural hair, brown eyeshadow and I love a black eyeliner…kohl is good. Bit of blusher, some red or pink lippy and I’m good to go.

Latex love for Kent Mistress

But then comes the latex look…ooh latex! Yes, latex of the rubber tree is a natural product, but it has such a different feel to the leather and chainmail. Not just the touchy feel, but feel of the overall look.

I love the look it gives Me though. The makeup is fairly similar to the warrior look; the hair too, but then that’s probably coz it’s still Me, after all. But with latex I do like to have a bit more eyeliner, especially where it goes in the lower rim of the eye. Now that really does look good! Definitely red lippy here. No pink stuff at all.

Pretty in pink

Then sometimes, just sometimes, I like to go all girlie and dress in pink latex with black pin striping and polka dot bras and pink flowers in My hair…but that’s very rarely seen. Catch it while you can. Do feel free to send Me a gift of an outfit you’d particularly like to see Me wear…especially if you’ve already asked Me if I’d actually like to wear it… Hmmm, that would be nice…very nice…go on, you know you want to ;-)”

What is Mistress Godiva’s favorite method of punishment at the moment?

“Cane and shame!

A physical mistress

Of the things I can physically hit you with, cane is My absolute favourite. Why? Because I’m so damned good at it, that’s why! So what’s with the shame? Well, that’s My talent for making you feel so humiliated, you’ll really wish the ground could swallow you whole. I’m not the sort that screams and shouts to make Herself feel superior. Oh no! I’m very comfortable in My own skin and certainly very comfortable humiliating My slaves.

So comfortable and self-assured that I never need to raise my voice at all; unless that is something that has been specifically requested, of course, in which case….no problem. I can make you wince with inner pain by just a look or raise of one eyebrow. You will know if you have disappointed Me. Be very careful to obey every command.”

EMD: What do you expect from your potential slaves and why?

“I expect respect, good humour and mutual understanding. Why? Because that is what I will offer you in return.

The meeting of souls is a sacred thing, no matter who we are. We all have something to give and something to take away from every encounter we ever have. I learn from each session and have a very open mind. Hope you do too.”

Kent Mistress and her special sessions

Do you provide any special services? If so what, where and when?

“All My services are special! You’ll see what I mean when we meet. Hmm, special services though… now what are they? Scat play? I suppose not all Mistresses indulge. Well, I certainly do! So perhaps that’s a special service. Where? Pretty much anywhere really. When? When I need to go.

Usually early to mid-morning, but other times can easily be arranged… lol. Needle play… yes, I do that too. Breath play… another resounding, yes. Really wracking My brains to think of something outlandish that constitutes ‘special’. Well, if you can think of something, ask Me if I do it. I probably do, but just thought it was too ordinary to mention.”

First expectations from Kent Mistress

What can a potential slave or sub expect from his or her first visit to Lady Godiva?

“Well, that’s entirely depends upon the nature of said slave or sub. Everyone is different; Mistresses, slaves and subs alike. All of us. I have a talent for judging the dynamics and situation, so although you’ll be pushed a little out of your comfort zone (and wouldn’t you be disappointed if you weren’t) I’ll not push too far during our first meeting.

Well, at least I’ll try not to. I must confess it hasn’t gone perfectly every single time. I did once experience a runaway who was so terrified of the military officer role-play (his suggestion) that he fled after just 10 minutes. Although by 9.30 that same evening he emailed to book another session, which went very well indeed…no role-play included.

Inappropriate kindness

So, I can be kind, but only where kindness is appropriate. I have no patience for Bratish behavior. Sulk at your own peril. I can be understood, but not when you are being over demanding. I can be forgiving, but not when you are being petulant. I can be sensuous and seductive, but not when you are being needy or overbearing. I can be everything you ever wished for, or I can be your worst nightmare….the choice is yours and Mine but definitely not in that order.”

Which premises do you work from and what equipment and features does it have?

“I work from a variety of places, but mostly from My two favourites. One is Dungeon Manor, Orpington, Kent which is only around 15 minutes from London Bridge by train, or one can drive and park there. This is a venue managed by Mistress Evilyne. It has a well-equipped dungeon room and a generously sized domestic space. The feel of the venue is classy, airy and light. It adds a distinct flavour to sessions which I very much enjoy.

My other favourite is a private dungeon. I can’t tell you exactly where it is, but let’s say it’s somewhere between Brixton and The Oval. This has a totally different feel to Dungeon Manor. It is dark and menacing, which is perfect for many sessions. So excited just thinking about it!

About location for Kent Mistress

Mostly it’s down to location, location, location. But some things lend themselves more to one venue than the other and that is all worked out during email conversation. I will guide you to the best location, do not fret.

For any wrestling sessions that are more than just a quick tussle, I opt for the Serpent Rooms as they have a proper wrestling room (the Submission Room) with mats and padded walls, so I can hurl you about to My heart’s content.

Other locations can easily be arranged…Lady Godiva is happy to travel within reason. Ask for further details.”

Tolerance levels

What is not tolerated by Lady Godiva?

“Arrogance, disrespect and intolerance. Thankfully, that’s nothing I’ve had to deal with during any sessions, just for idiots in the vanilla world. I have no patience for such folks and have been known to pick up and throw men far taller and larger than Myself, across the room. You have been warned.”

How might Lady Godiva punish an unworthy slave?

“Depends how unworthy. Initially, it may be by doing things that are not pleasurable for them at all. But really unworthy? With total and utter disdain. No, I don’t mean I’ll give them a free humiliation session. Neither do I mean I’ll hit them with something. We are not talking about someone ‘misbehaving’ for a pleasurable ‘punishment’.

They’ll not get any attention or otherwise from Me, and not in the way that they’ll feel I’m ignoring them and they can be silently gleeful. I will cut them dead. We will not be within sight or sound of each other, so no pleasure will be sought or found.

However, I am a believer that people can learn from their mistakes. If someone later shows Me that they have reflected upon the situation well, then I will give them a second chance.

Kent Mistress  – teacher

As a mentor and teacher, I love seeing My students develop, and returning from knock backs is often the greatest learning of all. Do not push Me though. If you come to Me having supposedly learnt your mistake, don’t go and do the same old tricks again. It will be a very long time indeed before I ever trust you again…if ever!”

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