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Kleptolagnia turned on by stealing and stolen objects

Kleptolagnia is when one gets turned on by stealing objects and handling stolen objects. The fetish is a combination of both thievery with equal parts of arousal. This fetish is also known as kleptophilia. You must ask yourself if you genuinely get aroused if, you are in close proximity of a known stolen object.

Usually the objects stolen are small. This is simply because smaller objects are easy to steal.

Word origins

The origin of the word Kleptolagnia is derived from the Greek word kleptein “to steal” and the word lagnia meaning sexual excitement. In all, the state of been sexually arroused by theft.


The true definition of Kleptophilia is defined as a person entering somebody else’s home and stealing from them. This being a direct source of arousal from the act of theft. Some individuals actually break into houses for the sole purpose of stealing a certain item. Yes and of course it would be used in a sexual act.

Stolen object trun on’s

One of the more common items which is stolen seems to be a persons underwear. In addition to undergarments sex toys have also known to be stolen. However it is not imperative that the stolen object is of a sexual nature. In fact, it could be anything.
Acording to specialists. The stolen item may have belonged to someone significant to the “thief”. It is the actual act of stealing the object which is considered to be sexually pleasurable to the Kleptophile.

Some kleptophiliacs are a little more ethical than others. Some fulfil their desires illegally and some live out their 30s fantasies in a mock break-in. There hasn’t been much study on this Philia. However it is speculated that a notable portion of home burglaries are fuelled by some sort of sexual compulsion rather than strict monetary gain. In some cases keleptopholiacs will go as far as sexually assaulting the resident if they are found during the break in.

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