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Exclusive interview with London Ebony Goddess Miss Foxx

miss foxx london

Exclusive interview with Miss Foxx, London Ebony Mistress

Who is Goddess Miss Foxx really?

I am Miss Foxx – very smart and with a great sense of humour. Additionally, I don’t take practising kinks and fetishes too seriously. I like to be able to laugh with My submissives whilst engaging their brains instead of their irrelevant d*cks. Even though I am very strict, I am patient too but only if I see a boy is really trying his best. 

I grew up with the strength and knowledge that convinced me that I was born Superior. That is why I always say I’m not a service provider.

I have always had men and Women all over the world gravitating towards Me just to be in My company. Furthermore, I never just blended in anonymously wherever I was, and in becoming a Mistress it was not something I was aware I could do, it was something I was already doing…

A need to be in Mistress company

A slave comes to visit Miss Foxx because he needs to be in my company. I do not chase slaves nor do I need them. But if they want to experience the true power and true submission, then I am the one that can help them naturally experience that.

Slave boys must present themselves respectfully. I will not tolerate unclean clothing or poor personal hygiene. They must be showered.

I have heard that there are boys who try to dictate how a session goes, although I have to say this hasn’t really happened to Me. I would not accept this. They wouldn’t dare.

The most bizarre! Miss Foxx

I have had to deal with the most bizarre requests as a Mistress. Before I was a professional I used to talk to this guy online when I was about 18, and he used to send Me money quite frequently. He offered to pay for Me to fly to Spain (where he was from), sit on his face until I suffocated him, leave with the pile of money he’d left, and make sure the rest of it didn’t go to his wife. I never went of course, but it’s something I will always remember as My first experience with the “executrix” fetish.

Valuing obedience

The best slaves know that Mistress Foxx values obedience –  you must understand that My word is law. Everything I say is the truth, everything I teach is from experience and it really is for your own good. Self awareness – it’s important that you understand that your behaviour can make Me proud, or uncomfortable depending on how you conduct yourself. Confidence – to know, understand and embrace your fetishes.

Kindness and respect

Kindness and respect – to treat Me as a Goddess whom you understand is absolutely priceless. And that you are willing to contribute to her already absolutely massive wardrobe. I have a lot of bright clothing, figure hugging dresses, leather skirts, a huge variety of coats and jackets, lots of different coloured jeans, lots of tight sports wear, shoes, shoes and more shoes (I own about 170 pairs of different types from heels – high street to expensive designer, open toed, open heeled, close toed, stiletto, platform, 7 inch heel; to boots – ankle, knee high, thigh high, up to 12 inch heels, to trainers – high end designer to sportsbrand), and a fabulous designer bag collection. All bought for Me by good boys. 

All shapes and sizes

Sessions – like slaves – come in all shapes and sizes. I just love a session where I am laughing a lot and the boy is keen to make Me smile and be happy and has a good sense of humour. I also really enjoy deeply sensual sessions and so if he’s great at toe licking and foot massage he’s definitely going into My good books. I also love financial domination and so if he’s brought a full wallet with him, I am very excited about emptying it, especially when he’s also bought Me some nice gifts to start the session off right.

I suggest that if they are a submissive new to me and they want to get to know me, always approach Me via My website or My social media platforms offering a tribute.

I am a very busy and ‘in demand’ Woman and so in order to set themselves apart, they can earn My attention this way. I also don’t tell slaves what they could expect. They should just book a session and find out for themselves…

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