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BDSM London Master Kain Interview

London Master Kain

London Master Kain exclusive interview

London Master Kain is one of only a few professional BDSM Masters in London. Master Kain caters for gay, bisexual, curious men and women. He is the ultimate, professional, male, dominant figure in London.

A professional Master with 25 years experience in the London BDSM scene. Mistress Elite had the opportunity to delve a little deeper into Master Kain’s fetish world. We ask him a few questions about his BDSM life.

The interview

Why does BDSM continue to be your passion?

“I don’t see BDSM as a passion. It has always been just a part of who I am. My very earliest fantasies were all based around power play. Even though at that early age I had no comprehension of BDSM. They were just ideas that kept appearing in my head and made me feel strangely excited.

The discovery

When I eventually did discover BDSM through reading and porn. I then had a framework to mould my fantasies into. By that time I had developed various fetishes. Including an avid interest in corporal punishment and having control over my peers. When I finally discovered the nascent fetish scene in 1991 I was finally able to experience BDSM for real. Once I had ‘done it’ I knew that I was never going to be happy unless BDSM was a part of my life.

25 years of BDSM

Here I am 25 years later having been lucky enough to have been living the dream for all that time! I am still learning and trying to improve my art and I believe every client has something to teach me. Absolutely, I love watching other dominants work no matter what level of experience, they have as you can often become very set in your ways when you do not get fresh input. “

How would London Master Kain describe your personality?

“Strict, controlling, obsessed with detail and very perverted!”

A good session?

In your opinion, what constitutes a good session?

“The very best sessions occur when what I call ‘dark energy’ flows between the participants. This is something that is hard to explain to someone. Especially somebody who has not experienced it. But, you never forget it once it happens. It is when every fibre of your being is drawn into the moment and the external space and world drops away.

You lose all sense of time and nothing exists except your submissive. It needs everything to be right for both parties. I would love to say that I experience it all the time. But alas, it is never predictable and you never know when it will flow. When it does, though, you chase the next hit like a junkie!!”

Your favourite fetish. What is it?

You cater to a wide range of different fetishes. Do you have a favourite? If so why?

“I guess one of my favourites is traditional, ritualistic corporal punishment. As to why; I think that is due to my own experiences at school. It was the inescapable and impending nature of the whole affair. At my school, the ritual could last up to a week from your name being read out in assembly (the execution list as we called it); to you actually having the cane applied. All that time you were constantly thinking about your impending thrashing. No amount of promises or pleas would stop the process.

By the time the day of your beating dawned. Also, you had lived through it a million times already! Once you were outside the Head’s office there were yet more details and rituals you had to undergo before the flogging. Coming out of his office, your backside was flaming. Knowing you had got through it and were free of the worry you had carried was an amazing feeling. Obviously, this affected me deeply. I now appreciate the build-up to a caning easily as much as the application of the rod itself. “

A happy London master

What makes you happy?

“Respectful clients. I would say to any prospective client of any mistress or master that the one thing that will immediately put you on their mental blacklist is rudeness. Be polite and respectful. Only then, you are on track to getting a great session. Be rude and pushy and you may still get a session but it may not be the session you hoped for.”

Worthy of the London Masters time

Which type of slave may be worthy of your time and what can they expect from the first meeting?

“I have spent long enough as a professional to know that there is no one type of submissive that I particularly enjoy above any others. Providing, as I have said, that they are respectful. Any client can bring something exciting to the session. It is just down to me to work with them and bring that out.

The first meeting

The first meeting really depends on how open and honest the client is with me. I have had people who are too embarrassed to mention their core fetish. Ultimately, it has taken me 3 or 4 subsequent sessions to find it. I always say that you will impress me if you can embarrass me with your request as, believe me!

I have seen just about every unique taste that there is. Moreover,  the more exotic and unique, the more I will enjoy exploring it. You should expect an in-depth discussion about your requests. Perhaps, some suggestions to improve your session if this London master feels you may benefit from them. I believe passionately that 90% of what happens in a good session occurs in the brain. So, you will often find me building fantasies verbally with a client especially one who has expressed an interest in something. that would be dangerous to actually carry out. By simply verbalising the fantasy whilst incorporating carefully chosen props. This way you can often go through very dark spaces together.”

The punishments

How would you typically, choose to punish an insubordinate slave or sub?

“By choosing the one thing that they most hated. With some, it may be the cane. Others, it may be heavy confinement. Yet others may just need to be told that they have disappointed me. For me, real punishment should be something that they will do their best to avoid being repeated. That is how I get the best from my clients.”

London Masters special services

Could you describe your personal style and do you offer special services?

“I do not really know how one describes one’s style. I guess old-school if that is a style?

As far as specialities are concerned. I have become known in certain circles as someone who can administer very hard and accurate canings. I can offer very authentic judicial level canings. These are leagues beyond anything that most caning enthusiasts have ever experienced.

I never encourage people to try these canings because they really are at the same level administered in Malaysian and Singaporean prisons. The pain is impossible to describe. Additionally,  they will leave you out of action for many weeks. Having said that; there are some people who want that level of experience and I offer it.

I can also offer judicial birchings which are administered in the correct fashion as taught to me by someone who experienced the real thing. I have birched people who have had a prison-caning from me. Also, some have said that it was worse than the cane. The great thing about the birch is that. Despite the pain level being off the scale, it causes very little damage as opposed to the cane.

The levels of CP

I must point out that I offer ALL levels of CP. From non-contact through to light spankings and school-level. It is just that there are so few people who offer the heaviest end of the spectrum; that I have developed a following amongst those who seek it.

I also offer very believable and immersive role-plays. This links to what we discussed earlier about 90% of the scene being in the brain. I remember the first time I ever experienced a full-on role-play. Absolutely, it blew my mind and I try to recreate that with everyone I explore.

I also work well alongside mistresses. It can be a very interesting and challenging session for a client experiencing the dynamics of serving both at once.”

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