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London Mistress Chatterley – Rubber Goddess

london mistress chatterley

London and Mistress Chatterley gives exclusive interview

Mistress Chatterley works from two dungeons, one of which is in Marylebone, W1 London. The other is in Banbury, Oxfordshire, some miles to the west of London. The Marylebone studio is very well equipped with some amazing bespoke pieces of furniture and equipment.

BDSM dungeon

Walking down the steps to her basement BDSM Studio and knocked on the door. I was surprised and a little intimidated to see a lady in heels, tall and beautiful  peering down at me from a height of 6’2”.  Mistress chatterley invited in and asked to take a seat on the studio sofa. After only a couple of minutes in Mistress Chatterley’s company I realized that any preconceptions I had  about an intimidating mistress were completely incorrect.



London Mistress Chatterley’s misgivings

London Mistress Chatterley is unusual in the fact that whilst being in awe of her presence. Additionally, I also found myself feeling incredibly comfortable. The way Mistress Chatterley initially treats her slaves and submissives is almost as if you were talking to the “girl next door”. If you are considering a session with a mistress for the first time and you have misgivings about an overbearing and, dare I say, scary mistress, then Mistress Chatterley will completely banish these.

A BDSM introduction

I have a feeling that an introduction to BDSM conducted by Mistress Chatterley would be like slipping on a sock. The transition from your vanilla world to that of the BDSM submissive would be made very easy.

Mistress Chatterley has an amazing figure. Without heels, she stands at 5’9” tall. 34” hips, 26” waist and bust size 34F. Her nails are long and perfectly painted in scarlet. She tells me that you might sometimes find them painted black or even in the colors of the rainbow if the mood so takes her.


Discovery of the BDSM scene

I asked Mistress Chatterley, “How did you find your way into the BDSM scene?”

“It was the clothing, I started off with a little rubber skirt. I was a model and I have always been interested in clothing. Soon after that I started to show off my ever-growing wardrobe in fetish clubs. From there on out a natural progression occurred. Slaves wanted to see me privately so I soon progressed to being a full-time mistress with a very full fetish wardrobe.”

London Mistress Chatterley’s wardrobe

“What could we expect to see in your wardrobe?” I asked.

“From the outset rubber has been a very important part of my wardrobe. I have thousands of pounds worth of rubber outfits in every colour except yellow. Yellow is the colour I don’t like. I have some really interesting pieces like rubber stockings and frilly panties. A rubber nun’s outfit, capes, gloves and even some rubber ballet shoes. I have lots of hoods as well. So my submissives and slaves don’t feel left out, additionally, I also have a collection of rubber outfits and large size shoes for them to use.”

London Dungeon

London Mistress Chatterley’s dungeon has various pieces of equipment. A bespoke, multifunction fucking chair. It comes with gag which caught my eye initially. Plus a medical chair by Fetters. Also, there is a pivoting, modern St Andrews cross and a ball-busting chair which is used for stress domination. Looking around the studio, I can see plenty of equipment. Would certainly expect this  in a good BDSM environment. This includes enema equipment, shackles, cock and ball weights. Clamps, suction equipment, gags and a selection of stinging canes.

Other Dungeons

London Mistress Chatterley also spoke to me about the other dungeon she works in. The Banbury dungeon has three rooms. There is a medical room, a bedroom containing a shackled bed in a domestic setting. As well, the playroom which is the largest room and which has a cage, a wheel, an electric chair. A traditional whipping bench and an amazing milking machine.

I asked Mistress Chatterley about her sessions.
“How do you feel when you are in a session?”
”I feel in control and in charge. In my sessions I have the upper hand. Adoring the way I feel especially with the latex on my skin. I also love the way it makes my slaves and submissives feel”.

She went on, “It’s very gratifying to know that I have the complete sexual control of another human being in my hands. I am their mistress who will take them to the extremes of their sexual fantasies.”

“What is your favourite activity in a session?”


Deprivation hoods

“I love sensory deprivation using hoods. Once the head is gone I have a person’s body handed to me on a plate, and I love to play with my food”.

“I shy away from nothing and the connection is the most important thing between myself and my submissives. Even though my dungeons are fully kitted out I don’t mind saying that I could dominate a submissive without any equipment. All I need is my mind, my mouth and maybe the palm of my hand.”


Naturally equipped

“I am naturally equipped to read body language and can anticipate what my slave feels, what they need and what is going to send them to the next level.”

I asked, “If a submissive should cross you what sort of response might they receive?”
“Domination is not about abuse. It’s a fine line between fantasy and realization. I have a very gentle side. However, don’t cross me or you will experience my wrath and it certainly won’t be a gentle slap round the face. Genuinely, I love my job, I feel I was put on this earth to do what I do”.

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