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London Mistress lady Seductress – Interview

London Mistress Lady seductress

Interview with London Mistress lady seductress

Elite Mistress Directory had the privilege of an audience of Lady Seductress, an established pro-domme working in Central London.

Perceptions of BDSM

Here she describes at some length her perceptions of how BDSM has developed during her career, also her likes and dislikes, her methods and techniques, and what motivates her.

There has definitely been an upsurge in BDSM culturally and so I can quite say that I’ve seen it develop a lot – seen in my ever-growing following of slaves and fetishists. There have, definitely, been more new subs/slaves and fetishists or at least those wanting to try it out, in the past few years. Although not a habitual frequenter of clubs, when I have graced the odd night out on the scene, I’ve grasped the growth in popularity of BDSM there too.

Total control

When I am in total control of a submissive, I simply feel at home. The power is what I am both used to and is something I thrive on. Even in a brief power dalliance I get a kick out of wielding it (power). One would think it may become run of the mill but the more control I have the more I want.

It’s difficult to explain BDSM to someone who is not switched on by it, all the more so if they express disapproval.

BDSM to enrich a slaves life

I am not sure I would want to bother with such a closed-minded person. However I would say this to them – that within agreed and defined boundaries and between two consenting adults BDSM can not only enrich a person’s life but also heal on psychological, emotional and sexual levels. That there is a big element of change and journey to the exploration of BDSM may not appeal to them but if they could get over being so set in their ways they may one day see the light.

For myself, as London Mistres Lady Seductress I see myself as a dominatrix who dominates and plays with and through the art of seduction – hence my name. I thrive on playing with others’ minds and bodies – that is indeed the wicked side to me which of course must be allowed out. I believe I am quite intuitive and creative in and out of sessions and of course I’ve the taste for the good things in life but would in no way call myself a snob. I value etiquette and thoughtfulness and expect that in others too.

A favourite tool for Corporal punishment

I see you list CP and caning on the activities that you enjoy. Which is your favourite tool for CP?

CP is one of my favourite activities – I could go on at some length explaining the various attributes of the tools I deploy – and why each appeals to me. for example,- I love the elegance of the cane – the way it slices through the air and makes sharp contact on the subject’s skin; then there is the flogger which I really enjoy the sound and dynamics of and the fact that it can be used more in a more subtle manner.

I’ve a good variety of paddles too and dependent on the material they are made of one gets a different result, which I enjoy experimenting with, at times.

A big turn on

People often ask me: what turns you on and what turns you off? And I say that power and total control are huge turn-ons for me – a primal urge of Lady Seductress, let us say. Honestly, I wouldn’t indulge in something that would turn me off – so there we are talking hard sports but that aside there is not much I do not indulge in – and to indulge in something in this game I believe that it must be a turn on.

From having a male both under and worshipping my feet to having one encased in my latex body bag, nipples exposed and tortured, to dressing a sissy, teasing them and having them ordered about at my every whim…

I know I’ve achieved my goal in a session when I’ve transformed it from just a “good BDSM session” to more of an amazing transcendental experience – perhaps transgressional, even. The ultimate, ultimate goal for me is of making the subject want more – in that state of mind they more often than not will return.

London Mistress routines

I have my own unique preparation routine when preparing for a BDSM fantasy scenario.

It’s important for me to get it right in both the physical and psychological sense – dressing up in the appropriate clothing speaks volumes and as always, I would prepare my chambers – setting the tone with lighting and perhaps music. It would be ridiculous to claim to have experience in every scenario so if there is something requested that is a little new I seek out similar stories from the internet to take inspiration.

Encountering a new potential submissive is always a challenge – in a good way, I mean.

Dependent on what they tell me is their experience but I always expect deference and politeness and woe betide any naughty boys…

A ball breaking London Mistress

Submissives should note that I take disobedience very seriously. It cannot go unpunished. Thankfully the majority of slaves are not openly disobedient but I must say that where there is life there is fault and I will always find something to be punished even if the disobedience is not blatantly apparent.

The latest punishment bestowed upon a disobedient slave was firstly, electrocution to the balls which were then subject to a ball-breaking by heel and then fist, followed by total denial of orgasm by placing pegs on the end of his foreskin (to attain complete closure and restriction) as I sat on his face and smothered him for 2 minutes and 35 seconds exactly – he was then sent packing after a sound over-the-knee spanking.

I believe there to have been somewhere in the region of 300 strokes because, by gosh, my hand was smarting – meaning that he is therefore owed further punishments on his next visit – whether he does as he is told or not.

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