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London Mistress – Slave in a Cage

slave in a cage

London Mistress -Tales from the slave. Reminiscing about her slave in a cage

It seems like ages ago now. I was invited by a well-known mistress in London to be her slave for a photo shoot. The mistress was incredibly well-equipped with lots of fun toys to play with. In addition, she had an array of excellent equipment including a cage into which she enjoyed locking me, while I was wearing nothing but a leather mask. I got a little nervous when she wanted to use weights on my balls but I thought “what the hell?”. Surprisingly enough, I really enjoyed it. Yes, even the licking of her London Mistress leather boots.

Tied up by London Mistress

When I was tied up, she began by asking me to raise my arms, then she wrapped a thick rope around my wrists so I couldn’t move. I felt vulnerable to say the least. She was like a bird of prey playing with her food. So many whips and paddles and other BDSM toys which would certainly inflict pain. It must have been my lucky day as she chose a paddle. It seemed like I had gotten away without some excruciating  lashing. Please remember this was my first time ever in a slave/ mistress situation. Not only that, I have never been with a woman or had a woman be my boss.

Slow beginning

When she began, she began slowly. Then with increasing speed and force she tested the limits of my pain threshold. Stopping abruptly and caressing my poor bottom, she asked me how it was. And you know what? – it was fucking excellent. Then she attempted to tie my balls with a leather lace. She tied this round the base of my cock and my balls and then from behind and between my legs, she pulled. Hard. I was determined not to get an erection or turned on. It is pretty difficult not to when you have something on your cock and balls so tight and someone is pulling up from behind. The feeling, whoever London Mistress is doing this, is just great.

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