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The London Mistress School

London Mistress School

The London Mistress school and Mistress Josephine

Mistress Josephine is renowned for running the London Mistress School in Baker Street, London.


A Decade as a professional Mistress

With over 11 years of being a professional mistress, mistress Josephine now, offers her knowledge and experience to ladies who wish to learn to become a dominatrix.

Mr is Josephine kindly took the time to answer some important questions.

Which type of personality must I have to work as a mistress?

Mistress Josephine believes that the most important attributes that a mistress should possess are to be Outgoing and confident.

London Mistress School Business

Which qualities do I need to be a successful mistress in business?

To be successful in this industry, a mistress needs to have Commitment and focus. She also needs to have A good skill set and flexibility.

Why do I need to go on a course to be a professional mistress?

To be a good professional Mistress you must have good skills to give your clients and yourself confidence. The London Mistress School ensures that all students are taught to a level where these are second nature. As educationists say: ”The confidence of competence”.

Mistress Clothing

Which type of clothing do I need, to do the course and how much will it cost?

A heavy investment in expensive fetish clothing is not a pre-requisite for this. A basic range of fetish and vanilla clothing is all that is required. The cost will fit to your budget.

I should imagine that the most difficult part for a trainee is lesson 1: Can we assume that many people are uncertain that this is the right path for them? How would you go about determining their suitability?

From my ability and intuition just as this is the same when I am working as Mistress Josephine. I use the same instincts to assess potential mistresses as I do when encountering potential clients.

Can anybody be a mistress? Do people get rejected at the initial interview stage?

Anyone can be a Mistress and no one gets rejected at this stage. I feel it’s important to give everyone an initial opportunity to progress in this career.

A Vanilla Mistress

How could it be possible for an apparently vanilla lady manage to flip into mistress mode?

She needs to have the desire to want to become a Mistress. Mind set is the first step. The fact that they have chosen to come to me indicates that they have this capacity.

What training might I receive to inform me of dangerous clients and the protection of my identity if needs be?

This all comes with the consultation and forms part of the course.

If a mistress is interested in only one specific fetish or is limited to a specific geographical area, how successful could she be?

As in any line of business, obviously the more flexible she is the more work she will get.

How could a new career as a mistress affect her personal relationships?

This is an area that she and her partner must be comfortable with and be honest with each other. If you believe in who you are other relationships will not be jeopardised. Honesty and trust are the basis of any good relationship – BDSM or otherwise.

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