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London Mistress Xena’s Xmas Season Humiliation Session.

London Mistress xena

London Mistress Xena’s Xmas Season Humiliation Session.

Whilst some of us may know what we would like for Christmas for example a new laptop or phone, a great, funky outfit to go out in over the New Year period. Alternatively, others may have a very special Christmas wish in mind indeed. With the help of the beautiful and powerful London Mistress Xena. Additionally, we get a first-hand account of unique gift which she bestowed upon one of her lucky subjects. Merry Christmas

Setting the scene

The Mistress enters whilst the well-trained sub is kneeling, head bowed. Also, he is wearing a cheap Santa hat.

By his side is a sack of goodies as per the Mistress’ earlier demands. Now, she presses her crop into the back of his neck until he is bent over, kissing her leather, crutch-high boots and heels.

Stand for inspection

He is made to stand for inspection, verbal abuse and humiliation. Moving on, he is made to cuff his own wrists and ankles, then locked spreadeagled to the suspension cage.

A Xmas tree is drawn on his chest with a marker pen. Then, his chest hair is shaped, excruciatingly, into a Xmas tree using wax strips retrieved from the sack.

Gravel behind Santas sack

He is unclipped from suspension and made to grovel beside the sack. Okay now, the sub is made to retrieve item number 2 from the sack, a jingle bell.
Clamps are used to adorn his nipples, decorating his own pathetic tree.
The sub retrieves a large sprig of holly from the sack. Then he is bent over Mistress’ knee while she teases and torments his whole body with slashes and scratches.

Inserted into his arse

The holly shaft is inserted into his arse. Now the sub retrieves a length of ribbon from the sack which the Mistress uses to squeeze and restrain the sub’s cock.
The sub is made to do a humiliating dance ringing his jingle bells whilst ensuring the holly does not fall out, thus risking greater punishment.
As a reward the sub is allowed to lick and polish and finally unzip Mistress’ boots, revealing beautiful bare feet and red painted toenails.

London Mistress Xena’s Personal Christmas present

The sub massages, licks and sucks feet and toes of the Mistress. This is his personal Xmas present.
He is instructed to lie on his back whilst the seated Mistress forces the toes of one foot into his mouth and all the while tugging on the nipple bells with her other foot.

As a final decoration, sub is ordered to ejaculate on his humiliating chest hair Xmas tree. As he lies spent in in his own pathetic white Xmas, the Mistress exits in contempt.

Wishing all you slaves a Merry Xmas. London Mistress Xena.

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