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Looning baloon fetish

looning balloon fetish

Looning balloon fetish, do you get off on inflatables?

Fetish Balloons Looning. Do you get off on inflatables? I’m not talking about dolls with orifices or beach lilos with corrugations – I’m talking about balloons. Yes there is such a fetish and its called looning.

This topic was covered on the website Vice

The girlfriend optional extra when Looning

Alternatively, you can find plenty of first-hand information from Dennis from Denmark (had to be Scandinavia) who has a website dedicated to this. It has all the answers. In it he describes quite graphically the act of making love in which a giant balloon can play an integral part. In fact the balloon is the integral part. The girlfriend is clearly an optional extra, because it’s clear he also enjoys looning on a solo basis.

Note also that his website offers a holiday experience in Denmark where you can meet other looners

How did this Looning balloon fetish come about?

It would seem that part of the pleasure is derived from the fact that the balloon is made of latex, and also the squishy sensation as it changes shape when body pressure is applied.

For the looners balloon fetish, there’s is also the hint of danger that occurs when playing with balloons: will it pop? For some practitioners this is an important thrill.

And this isn’t a male-only fetish. For proof of that, visit a website belonging to Maggy BerLoon as she styles herself, (balloon = Berlin, where she started out – geddit?)

A rich source of links is the Encyclopedia Dramatica


It may be noted that Professor Freud referred to something called the “narcissism of small differences”. If you want a dramatic illustration of these check out the encyclopedia. Note the reference to the dispute between those who pop and those who don’t. You can glean an insight into the earnest debate between the two factions.

Slave bobbie challenges you to review this material – and then consider your views towards party balloons. Not quite so innocent, huh?

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