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Los Angeles switch, Miss Ann Interview

Sub Miss Anne Los Angeles switch dominatrix

Not all featured mistresses on the mistress elite directory are fundamentally hard-core mistresses. Los Angeles-based Miss Ann is a professional switch.

We asked Miss Ann:  why did you decide to stick to being a “switch” rather than a full mistress?

From sublime submissive to mischievous Mistress

My life is a flowing river. Opportunities show up along the journey and I either welcome them or I choose not to. I have consciously explored my submissive side, mastering my submission for over 25 years. I love serving. My thing is serving. About twelve years ago, a friend had a conversation with me in which he made it clear he desperately wanted me to top him. He kept asking. I decided as a service I would top him.

For the last nine years I have continued to explore Service Topping. I love it, I deeply enjoy giving a menu, they pick the play
they want to explore and we do that. It is all Service. From the outside watching us play, your perception of
what is going on is as different as me Training a Spirit totem Pony vs. a BDSM Pony. Play is personal.

Being a person who works with body energy, the flow of energy, and the connection between two bodies, it is the connection that is important to me. There are many possibilities on the rubric cube of options that can all be submissive or dominant. A submissive can be a sadist. It is an infinite combination. I might cream my panties in delight for the bits of pain acceptance you’re doing so well while serving. It turns me on to see you obey and serve with excellence. I also beg to cum while being flogged. I love all the buffet dishes, and I am not denying myself any of their pleasures. Life is short. Live Magnificently.

Respect, honesty, and openness are the key

We next wanted to find out what Miss Ann‘s thoughts are regarding the negatives of being a professional Switch.

I know the skills I know. I explore and learn new skills as I journey. There are no wrong paths, only new possibilities.

  As a professional I must interview clients and determine their sincerity to play.
Respect, honesty, and openness are important. If you cannot communicate with these foundation blocks (speak on the phone or write) with these qualities, it is a red flag that you will not play with these qualities. It is my job to select appropriate clients for me.

Most importantly, the service provider/client relationship is one I know. I understand it. It works for me. It brings me joy and satisfaction, and I find it rewarding for my spirit.

 It must be wonderful to be able to switch from submissive to dominant and back again. What would this look like in a session? we asked.

I have done half and half sessions. They last longer in time because you play and then transition. A favourite is the cosplay scene. Batman has captured me and needs to know where the Joker is or what his next move is because we have partnered up. Play, play, play, and then I manoeuvre out of my bonds and capture Batman, and the real fun begins as I am teasing and torturing him.

Is the etiquette different when requesting to spend time with a professional switch rather than requesting a session with the Mistress?

My advice would be relevant to any professional service provider you visit: Always be punctual and respectful. Communicate any physical restrictions (your knee hurts, your back hurts, etc.) Understand your own limitations as well as your own strengths. That should be a mutual given. Set boundaries and keep them. Communicate and negotiate your play before you start. Do what works for you, not what works for someone else.

Where does Miss Ann hold sessions?

I play at Mid-City Studios. It is a good-sized room, big enough for me to train ponies in. It has lots of full-size mirrors. I always like to watch everything going on, including the person’s face while I play. There are hanging chains to hook a person up to and play all around that person. There is a queen-size bed, chairs, and lots and lots of gear, toys, and games to explore with.

How would you describe the BDSM scene in Los Angeles?

BDSM is a shorthand for play that you see and use every day. It isn’t anything to be scared of or afraid of. We are simply going to label it correctly and enjoy it. Someone offers you a job to do, tells you how to do it, gives you time to do it, and you accept it or don’t. If you accept it, there are rewards or punishments. This happens in real life every day. In fact, most folks take it for granted and have forgotten to rejoice and celebrate their lives.

For me, some of the most rewarding games simply up the stakes of reward or punishment based on your performance. You remember how to have your actions and behaviour make a difference because it matters more in that hour or a couple of hours you are playing erotic BDSM games.

In Los Angeles, you will find a full spectrum of players. If you have a fetish or kink that is important to you, find someone who enjoys it too.

We then went on to ask about submissive Miss Ann’s plans were in the near future.

I will be travelling this fall.

Los Angeles, September 18–October 9, and Washington, DC, October 10–15
From October 19 to October 21, Philadelphia,
In Los Angeles, from October 24 to November 2nd,
From November 4 to November 6, Rhode Island Comic Con
From November 7 to November 12, Boston ‘
From November 13 to November 18, Manhattan is
In Los Angeles on November 21,

I just received some excellent gifts of latex outfits and bondage dresses that I will be using in photo shoots this month. I am excited to share these photos soon.

For Los Angeles, submissive miss Ann. Who would be your ideal client.

over 21 years old. Respectful Short, concise descriptions of the fetishes, kinks, playstyles, and desires you want to investigate. communicates well. Punctual Clean up. Courtesy and charm open many doors. knows that relationships, even business relationships, are built over time. They use “hello,” “greetings,” and full sentences to introduce themselves, not just “here.”

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