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Midland Mistress – Miss Conduct

Midlands dominatrix Miss conduct

Midlands Mistress Miss conduct interview

What made you decide to get into BDSM and how has this influenced your life?

I don’t think I ever made a conscious decision to ‘get into’ BDSM. I think it’s more a case that I realised that I was into it! It’s been a part of me for a very long time. Additionally, it has definitely influenced my life! Defined the very person that I am.

My earliest memory was when I was about 6 years old. I saw the beautiful Diana Rigg playing Mrs Peel in The Avengers. Remember it vividly. Couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was in a leather catsuit with knee high boots and I remember thinking ‘I want to be just like her when I grow up! It had a big effect on me. Not just her clothes but her attitude and the fact that she could defeat a man in hand to hand combat! Of course, this was the 70s. Also, this a time when women were very differently portrayed in media.

Sure it was certainly starting to move in the right direction but it was early days! Mrs Peel was a very empowering portrayal of a woman for the time. So that’s when I realised I loved leather, boots, catsuits and strong women.

An early start for Midlands Mistress

Of course I had no idea at the time what it was related to but it certainly had an impact on me. Growing up as a teenager and young adult. I was lucky enough to meet other like-minded people and so my interest grew. When I discovered that there was such a thing as a Dominatrix. I think I was about 21. It’s seemed plain to me that that’s what I wanted to do! It was a future goal. Not something that I wanted to rush in to. But, certainly something that I kept well in mind.

I did the normal things that people do with their lives. I got a job, started a family etc. When I reached 38 I realised that I needed a change; I had been working as a teacher for 12 years. Realisation setting and I needed something new and so the obvious choice was to pursue my goal. Approaching my 40s, a golden age where maturity, confidence and experience. This would mould together beautifully so it was the ideal time.

I quit my job and I have not looked back.

How do you feel when you are in a good session with a responsive sub?

Midland Mistress, Miss conduct feels empowered! A good session really gives me a boost. I love the way I feel after a satisfying session, it gives me a real high!

 Love her or hate Midlands Mistress

How would you describe your personality?

Midlands Mistress, Miss Conduct is Strong! I’m a Marmite person; people either love me or they hate me – I’m comfortable with either! On one side I’m genuine, honest, friendly and approachable, a good communicator and a good listener.

Midland Mistress, Miss conduct is educated and have a sharp mind and can think quickly on my feet. I am very open-minded and not generally judgemental; something may not be my bag but if it’s yours then great for you.

On the flip-side, I am stubborn – if my mind is set on something there isn’t a thing in the world that could persuade me otherwise. I am sharp-tongued. Additionally, I am not known for sugar-coating things, I speak my mind. Sometimes people have a problem with that but I tell them that it is their problem and not mine.

I am not saying that I outwardly set out to be a bitch but I will speak the truth and I am not afraid to fight my corner. It doesn’t always do me favours to be this way but I hate people who are false, those that say one thing whilst acting another. I simply don’t have time for that. I say what I mean and I mean what I say, people can take that how they want to.

Toys in the chambers

which type of equipment and toys could expect to find in your chambers?

Midland Mistress, Miss Conduct has a well-equipped Dungeon. I wouldn’t say that it was fully-equipped due to space restrictions. But, I do have a lot of stuff! I’ve all the usual toys such as floggers, whips, tawse, paddles, strap-ons, electrics, hoods, clamps, weights, rope, vampire gloves etc…too many things to list.

Furniture wise, I have a good bench which can be used as a whipping bench, a table, a cross – it has various attachments and can be used in several ways. I also have a traditional whipping bench and a punishment post. To be honest, I don’t really like to rely too much on equipment. Sessions are very organic things and I like to concentrate on the dynamics and interaction with the sub. Sure the equipment gets used but it’s a means to an end rather than being the main focus.

Favourite outfits for Miss Conduct

Do you have any particular outfit which we enjoy wearing and how do your fetish clothing make you feel?

I just love wearing fetish clothes! My favourite outfit at the moment is my latex catsuit (photos of me in that will be added to my website in due course!), I think it goes back to the whole Diana Rigg thing. I feel so sexy and empowered wearing a catsuit with stiletto knee high boots. I know visually it has a big impact on my subs too.

It’s a classic Domme look. Midlands Mistress, Miss Conduct has a real thing for shoes and heels in general. Love stiletto heels, am rarely seen without a pair on. I spent 12 years teaching in them and I wear them when I go out, even if I’m just popping to the shop. Heels make feel good and I can walk well in them, which is an important factor. I love leather, the smell, the feel and the sound get my senses tingling.

I also love latex, although it’s not always convenient to wear! However, I am equally comfortable dominating someone on more traditional, vanilla clothes! I guess what I am saying is that I love the clothes but I don’t need them in order to be who I am.

Don’t turn me off. turn me on!

What are Midlans MIstress Miss conduct’s  turn-ons and turn-offs?

Turn-ons – Well dressed – both men and women. I like a smart, stylish appearance. I am always impressed if a sub turns up in a good suit or dress, depending on their preference. I always make an effort to be well dressed and smart so I like it when my subs are the same.

Turn-offs – Poor hygiene – just no!
What all the signs you have complete control over and another individual and how does this make you feel?

That’s an interesting question. Whilst everyone differs in the way they show that they have given over complete control, there are common signs. They can be subtle but they are there. It’s generally a whole body language thing. You see it happen, You see it in their eyes, their muscles, their whole body relaxes – a physical reaction to the mind letting go – it’s like realising the inevitable and just giving in to it! I love it! Midland Mistress, Miss Conduct just adores having that total control over someone.

Visiting Miss Conduct

What would a slave expect on the first visit and what would you expect from your potential slave?

Any new client can expect a warm, friendly smile and welcome, a sit down and a chat and a drink if they want one. I insist on talking before I session with anyone. It is so important to have some rapport before leaping into a session. It’s important that we meet on ‘normal’ more everyday terms as in ‘Hello, I’m a fellow human being, it’s nice to meet you’, rather than the whole Domme/sub thing.

It’s fine to do that if they are an existing client and that’s how we interact but on a first meeting, you get to meet me first. Many of my subs have told me that they really appreciate the pre-session chat, that it helped them relax and as a consequence, enjoy the session more. It can be nerve-wrecking for some to meet a Dominatrix for the first time and I think it helps make them feel safer when they can see that I am no man-hater or psychotic bitch and that I’m a relatively normal, functioning member of society!

Good listener

As mentioned earlier, I am a good listener and I do listen to what my subs personal needs are and will do my best to full fill those needs. What I expect from a sub? I expect my subs to keep me informed – If you can’t make it, no problem, we can rearrange, if you’re running late, no issue, I understand that sometimes these things can’t be helped, if you have simply decided that you can’t actually make the step yet, fine, I understand but what I can’t stand is when people just don’t bother letting me know and simply don’t turn up.

There is a sure way to get your number barred! I don’t like time-wasters. Also, I appreciate it when a client has taken the time to actually read my website. I put a lot of information on there and you can discover quite a lot about me by reading it!

How might you punish a disobedient slave?

That depends on the slave and what they have done. One person’s torture is another’s pleasure! I actually like to feed my slaves enough rope so that they hang themselves! Not literally, obviously, but I don’t always react with a punishment immediately.

I have a good memory! When a sub does something wrong, I often simply make a mental note of it but pretend that I didn’t notice. This lulls the sub into a false sense of security! I sometimes let them think that they’ve got away with it for weeks. Often they themselves have forgotten about it and I will then bring it up and punish them accordingly.

The psychological side

For me the most exciting part of BDSM is the psychological side. I just love playing mind games. I love the moment when the penny drops and you see the light switch on in their eyes! That sudden daunting realisation of the trouble they’ve got themselves into, how they managed to trip themselves up – it’s exquisitely delicious! I like to deliver the unexpected, it keeps them on their toes!

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