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Mistress Dahlia of Manchester

Mistress Dahlia of Manchester Interview

Mistress Dahlia manchester

I am Mistress Dahlia of Manchester. I enjoy BDSM because it means being true to myself and living my best life…

I can embrace my own kinky inclinations, whilst promoting sex positivity and also encompass an accepting attitude to the fetishes, or alternative lifestyles of others.

Within a session this translates to creating an environment where my submissive is able to really let go and become lost in the moment.

The Manchester dungeon

The Dungeon is my happy place. This is where a slave can make me happy by keeping a mind open to new experiences and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone.

I see myself as multifaceted, diverse and passionate, someone who loves dressing up for roleplay and adopting various different looks.

The Feel of Latex

I have an especial love for the feel of latex though, and have a soft spot for fishnets and boots.

BDSM has played a big role in my life, both personally and professionally. It’s always been there. I tend to approach everything I do with a desire for perfection so I’m very happy to put the effort into honing my skills. I am also genuinely fascinated to learn about the fetishes of each submissive I encounter.  I feel that, along with an open mind, helps create an environment where inhibitions can be easily dropped.

Mistress Dahlia’s best Sessions

I consider the best sessions to be those that are intense and erotically charged. I adore edge play and inducing sensory overload scenarios by combining sadism and pain with sensuality and pleasure. I tend to only see slaves with a genuine desire to relinquish control, but I do quite enjoy the process of positively reinforcing, pushing and punishing a slave who turns up somewhat shy and reserved, turning him into a shameless sub who becomes immersed in the session.

Mistresses Standards

Personal development is an ongoing process for me, so I am always investing in equipment, education and looking to cater for new fetishes, but I do currently have a few exciting projects in the pipeline. COVID travel restrictions meant postponing some plans and photo shoots, so I’m looking forward to making those happen.

Be warned – I do have minimum standards. Certain behaviours are not acceptable. Poor manners, tardiness, attempts to embellish my clear instructions.

I have different ways of dealing with disobedience, depending on the slave and severity of disobedience. I tend to reward based on their individual turn-ons and discipline based on the misdemeanour, or best way to modify that behaviour. Perhaps a play ban/period of chastity, or a sound spanking.

First Time Slave

When I encounter a slave for the first time, they can be reassured there will be no judgement on my part and for their limits to be respected, but they should expect to be toyed with, teased and seduced into submission. I always make the effort to plan sessions that are well thought out, infused with creativity and their core kinks, but that can simultaneously be quite demanding of them and make it difficult for them to please me.

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