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Mistress Miss Jessica Wood Interview

mistress miss Jessica Wood

Interview with London Mistress, Miss Jessica Wood

I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with Miss Jessica Wood, during which I persuaded her to open up a little about her lifestyle.

Beginning the interview by asking her, “What does BDSM mean to you?”

A dominant London Mistress

“I’m obviously more into the dominant side of things, but you have to understand the sub’s side well, which I do. I love having an outlet to punish people and boss them around. Where else can I do this? My job as a dominatrix has led me to meet many interesting people and without BDSM my life would definitely not be as interesting. Having BDSM in my life also keeps me very open minded and this leads to having a more fulfilling life.”

What sets Mistress, Miss Jessica Wood apart?

“So what sets Miss Jessica Wood apart from other mistresses?

“Organization! I get back to you quickly if a session can be arranged (which doesn’t sound impressive, but believe me it is I’ve heard many complaints about other Mistresses). Planning all my sessions beforehand and make sure I have all the info I need to make sure the session is just what the client wants. Physically, what sets me apart is that I have the best bottom for facesitting in the UK and a strong right arm for very severe caning!”

“If we were to look in Miss Jessica Wood’s wardrobe, what could we expect to find? – And please also describe your make-up.”

Make up and outfits

“Lots of pencil dresses, pencil skirts, blouses, smart tops, many heels – love shoes and boots – I have around 80 pairs. That’s after a downsize when I moved at the end of last year! Also, lots of corsets and retro wear. Additionally, I Love 1950s corsets and bullet bras. Oh – and lots of stockings and other nylon leg wear. Make-up wise, I love eyeliner, black eye shadow and mascara for dramatic eyes and red lipstick, if I wear any.”

“What is Miss Jessica Wood’s favourite method of punishment at the moment?”

“Caning – a long time favourite. Always so strict and to the point.”

“What is your favourite toy or toys, at the moment?”

“My new whipping bench! £1k piece of equipment that I can secure naughty slaves onto for even harder punishments – and no escape!”

Slave compliance

“What do you expect from your potential slaves and why?”

“Punctuality – don’t turn up early. Does the dentist see you early? No! So come on time.
 A good standard of hygiene – otherwise I won’t want to punish you. Polite and courteous – if not, then I don’t have any interest in seeing you.”

“Do you provide any special services? If so what, where and when?”

“My facesitting is apparently quite special as I’m always hearing from subs that they’d never had a session like that before! Also, my role play abilities are always remarking upon.”


“What can a potential slave or sub expect from his or her first visit to Miss Jessica Wood?”

“I always have a little chat before starting to put people at ease and then after that the session will start and be what they have asked for in the session. Also, I never abuse people’s limits.”

“Can you tell us which areas you work from and what special equipment the chambers have?”

Mistress Miss Jessica Wood location

“I mainly work from Watford, Hertfordshire where I have my old-fashioned school desk and chair. Furthermore, I  have my new whipping bench, a smotherbox, a cock and ball pillory, a trample box, a bondage chair and 2cm thick mats are available for floor work like facesitting and wrestling.

Mistress Miss Jessica Wood also works from locations in Glasgow and Birmingham regularly, but only have what I can carry! The same applies to the below. I usually do sessions in Amsterdam and Cardiff once a year also.”

“What is absolutely not tolerated by Miss Jessica Wood from a slave?”

“Email enslaught! Especially if my replies are not quick enough (i.e. Not in 2 seconds!). Also, lack of respect, bad communication and bad timekeeping.”

“How might Miss Jessica Wood punish an unworthy slave?”

“So many ways! It could be a good caning and sore bottom with other implements then a harsh facesitting to shut them up. Finished off with a bit of trampling to make sure they really know their place.”

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