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Necrophilia - what's the attraction with shagging dead folk

Necrophilia, shagging dead people. Something else not to try at home. Or anywhere.Ancient literature is full of references to necrophilia. Reference Wikipedia

In some cultures it was explicitly allowed Hittite ref according to archaeologists.In Peru 15 centuries ago, necrophile acts were depicted on ceramics. In Egypt, necrophilia seem to be quite common. embalmers were notorious for shagging the corpses of beautiful young women that came their way. Surely it would be seen as a perk of a rather distasteful job.

In the modern world, many vanilla men who are on short rations joke that their wives are so unenthusiastic about sex. So, when it does finally happen it feels like they are humping a corpse. But clearly, they’re not deterred. Perhaps that’s how they develop a taste for that kind of activity.

Necrophilia illegal?

Again according to Wikipedia Rosman and Resnick (1989) reviewed 122 cases of necrophilia. Note that 68% were motivated by a desire for an unresisting and unrejecting partner.

In the UK necrophilia is illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Slave Bobbie thinks it may have been illegal even before that year.

You should also be aware that under the Criminal Justice And Immigration Act of 2008 it is illegal to possess pictures of this activity. Immigration? WTF? More grist to UKIP’s mill no doubt.

Slave bobbie’s domme constantly complains about the amount of noise he tries to make when she cracks the whip across his back. Even though he is gagged she complains that the muffled squeaks he emits are disturbing her concentration. She demands complete silence and absolute stillness.

Dead slave

He asked her later if she might prefer to whip a dead slave. No – she replied – she wants to see his face grimacing in pain, in the mirror – she just doesn’t want the noise pollution that goes with it.

Necrophilia is, surprisingly enough, a common theme of cinema.

This website lists some of the great films that feature it: Kiss me deadly. And, if you want further reading check out this academic:

Lisa DowningDesiring the Dead: Necrophilia and Nineteenth-Century French Literature. Oxford: Legenda, 2003

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